New Years Eve: The Party!

As soon as Enrico is able to escape from Tecla's party, he manages to invite himself at Odette&Carlo's!
They gathered quite a bunch of friends to celebrate New Year's Eve, and they are throwing an amazing Party!

Odette loves to play the hostess in her Poppy Parker's pink dress, and Carlo is wearing a new outfit from my "tartan craze" collection (that I'll show you sometime soon!)

during the last year  something funny was going on in the doll's closets, so let me introduce you some "new" couples:

Giacomo & Berenice - they are the bon-ton couple around here, clean cut and well behaved, they do nothing, they just look cute

Bartolomeo & Agata - a bit of an odd couple: she's a Chanel crazy girl and he is a painter

Orso Maria & Camilla - it's a long story but you'll find out soon enough (they met on the set of a photosession)

Goffredo & Ofelia - well, they are our resident Nick&Nora (from the Thin Man movies) and they are beautiful, funny and the soul of the party....at least as long as martinis are around!

let's have a look around and let me introduce you the other guests, here  Veronica and Vittoria  are trying to get Nicola's attention

while the Dude is telling Sebastiano about his latest perfect game at bowling (but they are going to join the  others) - Sebastiano is wearing another outfit from the "tartan craze collection"

All the evening dresses are inspired by Myrna Loy's fashions from the 30's.  I'm going to post pictures of the original dresses along with my rendition in the next weeks!

Enrico is drawn to the beautiful Giovanna, he already met her duringh the "readhed connection" photosession

the centerpiece of the diorama is the new hearth room: I made the sofa with a desk bookshelf (and liend sponges)  and I found this lovely box shaped as a stump which makes a perfect coffee table, the ottomans are lined sponges too....

all the beautiful food and drink miniatures are by the wonderful Dawn Anderson at One Sixth Sense

The Dude gets bored and entertains the girls, Goffredo keeps an eye on Ofelia

The party is a success, Odette and Carlo have a little moment for themselves

All the girls and boys at Billa's Dolls and Fashions wishes you a Happy New Year. Thanks a lot for reading us during 2014, we have great plans for 2015!!!

Happy New Year Norma - a photostory

Tecla invited Enrico to her New Years Eve party. He was dubious but I convinced him: I sew  him  a tuxedo with tails, so he obliged.....

It looks like there are no other guests.

Enrico: It looks like I'm a bit early. When are the other guests supposed to arrive?
Tecla: Which other guests?

Enrico: It's going to be a very long evening, I better get drunk soon!

Tecla: Da'aling, how would you like to dance?

Enrico: Uh, dance?!?!? OMG

Tecla: you dance awfully!
Enrico: I know......

Tecla: I think we better rest a bit

Enrico: Finally!

Tecla: We're having such a great time, aren't we?
Enrico: I hope you have a huge provision of martinis

Enrico: Well, it's 10 pm and Tecla just passed away....Happy New year!!!!!

Story: courtesy of Billy Wilder & Charles Brackett

Enrico is going to sneak off and drop at Odette&Carlo's place...coming next!

the fashions are of course inspired by Edit Head's Sunset Boulevard costumes

And if you want to try your hand at a tuxedo jacket, here's the pattern!

Happy new year !!!!! 


Cozy Christmas Eve

Carlo and Odette are going to spend a cozy and quiet Christmas Eve at home. Carlo is wearing Christmas pijama trousers with matching slippers, a cardigan sweater made by me and a IT t-shirt. Odette is wearing a Christmas nightdress with mattel socks (she suffers from cold feet).

They are enjoying the sunny living room and their new chinese mini Christmas Tree (it used to have nice working lights, but it fell right before I took these pictures: it doesn't light up anymore)

After dinner they have some coffe and cuddles

Carlo catches up with the news, while Odette watches Downton Abbey

Carlo: "who the h**l is that?"
Odette: "The new Chambermaid, I'll explain you when it's over"
Carlo: "I thought they already had enough of those"
Now it's time to watch their favourite Christmas Movie: 1967 Doctor Dolittle! (I know, it' not an usual choice, but it happens to be my favourite Christmas movie too)

Odette: do you speak Unicorn?

Come midnight,  they are going to have a slice of Pandoro (tipical Italian Christmas cake) and a glass white wine

Then they are going to open their gifts, first Odette:

WOW! Carlo gifted Odette with a wonderful snake purse!

Odette: I love it Carlo! I'm going to use it in Oman!
And then Carlo:

Odette: I hope you like it, you told me you wanted one of these so much!
Carlo: When?!?!?
Carlo: OMG,  the promo picture of the Harley....
Carlo: Odette, dear, it was the Harley I wanted, not the scarf.....
Carlo: Don't worry, I promise you:  I'll try to wear it. Sometime....
Odette: I'm so sorry, are you not angry?
Carlo: Not at all. Merry Christmas sweetheart
Odette: Merry Christmas, honey
And a Merry Chrismas to all of you too!!!!


Hommes Fashion 4: Vittorio in Florida

This is going to be a very long post, I just wanted to put together some nice photomontages of Vittorio and Margherita in their new outfits, it came out to be a full fledged ultra-long instalment of the Travelling Dolly Series.
I have never been to Florida, but Sasha was there two years ago and we selected some wonderful pictures he took on his trip there.
This was his itinerary. Vittorio and Margherita will start from Miami, then will go to the Keys, The Everglades, Naples, Edison's House in Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando and Cape Canaveral!
(I want to go too Sasha!!!)

Vittorio's suit was my first attempt at a male complete outfit, I had to fix the jacket several times before I was able to get something that resembled what I had in mind. Now it looks acceptable!
This was the pattern I tried to use:

in fact it is a bit too complicated and detailed for a fashion doll, so this is the only jacket I sew using it.
Enough for Vittorio's suit. Margherita wears a dress inspired by a Tonner fashion from last year's collection.

In the end I only kept the general line, as this viscosa fabric I choose wasn't exactly willing to cooperate!

All pictures are by Sahsa.


Ocean Avenue

Versace's Home

Key West

Are you shure this is a bus stop?

do we really have to go to see Hemingway home? I have sore feet!

Hemingway Home

You were right, this is  a great place!

Mallor Square - admiring the acrobats

I think I like you

Miccosukee - They are going to take a boat ride in the Everglades,

Naples - What a gorgeous beach! and they didn't had their bathing suits....Margherita is a bit upset

Fort Myers - Edison's Home


Orlando - Disneyworld

Are we going to see the Muppet's Show, aren't we?
Cape Canaveral

This place was fun!!! I always wanted to be an astronaut

Vittorio and Margherita are quite a lovely redheaded couple, they photographed beautifully together, and in the end he's not such a boring guy as she thought!

As Florida's nickname is "the sunshine state" (and I believe it deserves its nickname, look at the light in these pictures!!!) our soundtrack shall be "let the sunshine in"!