Dressing up Agata: a straw in Boccadasse

I found this wonderful dress from Chanel's Haute Couture 2013 collection:

Agata pressed  me really hard to have it, and she waited for a sunny winter day to take a straw to Boccadasse:

Boccadasse is a lovely fishermen village stuck right in the middle of Genoa.

In the last century the City grew so fast it simply incorporated all these little villages along the shoreline

In this village you can eat some wonderful pistachio ice cream, but Agata is on a diet, soon it will be summer!

She went in nearby Corso Italia to check our favourite bathouse! Everything looks fine, now we just have to be ready for our swimsuits!

back from Madagascar!

Here I am! We're back from Madagascar, it is a great country, no doll's pictures in this post, but this is just a little extra, to share with
you a little flavour of this wonderful place. It has it all: wonderful people, nature, beaches, sea and, well.....food!

Later I'll post the due article of the week. And of course Odette and Carlo will give you a full detailed report sometime in the near future!

Kisses Billa


Off to Madagascar!!!!!!

Vacation time! Sasha and I will be off for a forthnight to Madagascar. We have planned  a nice tour of the northern part of the island:

We hope to see a lot of great landscapes, some wild nature, and take a plunge in the Indian Ocean!

It looks like we are not going to see any penguings thoug.

"You didn't see anything... Right?"

I'm  leaving you with a teaser of the tartan craze collection (I DID IT!  This is just a teaser: the complete collection counts 8 different outfits)

Armando's new mustaches:

This lovely kitchen my mom gave me for Easter (oven and fridge are missing, but I'm not into complete dioramas, you know, just settings, and this is perfect for the girl's needs):

The misterious "guy with no name", who  arrived yesterday:

Odette and Carlo are ready to go!

Sorry sweethearts, no outdoors adventures for IT dolls. You'll be added in postproduction, as usual!!!

I will see you all on the 24th of April!

Kisses Billa


Cecilia's quest: Meet me at Universal

Alessandro is still in LA, he's going to spend a day at Universal Studio's park. There he hopes to meet one of the gorgeous girls that are lurking around the house.
He's in for a shocker! It looks like I've been in a mischievous mood when I prepared this photosession, as I sent Cecilia and Nasty to meet him there....we shall see.....
Alessandro is wearing one of the Urban Safari outfits, I really love his striped trousers.
Cecilia wears one of the floral dresses I sew for the girls.  I made this one  with her in mind, right down from the fabric, and think this is truly befitting to her.

The trouble with Cecilia is that she's always expecting too much, when she heard she was going to meet Alessandro at Universal Studios she was sure she's was going to have a screen test....so you can imagine how disappointed she was when she found out that they were just going to an amusement park!

"No screen test, and not even the VIP tour of the studios"

"Ok Cecilia, they didn't let us finish the visit, but Nasty shouldn't have bitten the monster...."

"Don't you dare! I don't care if these are the kingdom's best. I won't eat Waffles at a Donkey's"

This was very nice

No, I won't have  brontosaurus' burger. Where are those "nice places to eat a bit" you've been blabbering about?

I won't get back on that silly bus. I'm going at least to walk onto a real set!

So, who  is she?

Ok Cecilia, let's get home......

So, it looks like they didn't really "hit off", Alessandro is really disappointed, she spoiled all the fun, and she is so angry at me!

Best luck next time for both of them....maybe.....

By the way, I loved Universal Studio's Park, I've been there twice, and both times I had a lot of fun. Some of the shows are changed, and I've read they tore down the Monsters Hall, so we'll just have to go again to see all the new things!