Let me introduce you to the pets around here, they are going to pop up in photomontages and dioramas, and (as for everything else around here) they have got their own backstory.

You have already met Nasty: he's Lisa Neault's creation. He first came in the house as the dark side of Asta the dog from the Thin Man Movies. At first he was Cecilia's soulmate, but now he has been adopted by Goffredo and Ofelia.
Of course he is still featuring in Cecilia's posts!

These are Bartolomeo's cats: Frida (the mother), Cezanne and VanGogh the cubs. Luckily they have fake nails so they can scratch safely on the couch!

Winston is Sebastiano's pug. But he will also appear in the Norma Desmond's next features.

Winston and the cats are Schleich's miniatures

Last but not least Odette's and Carlo boxer, he's called Black (also known as Sparklez for his sparkling coat LOL). He's a Villari Capodimonte porcelain dog.


Urban Safari: An Hommes Collection

I've been working on this "collection" for a while, almost six monthts, now the guys are proud to present the Urban Safari Collection for Hommes:

Of course you have seen some of these dresses and you shall see them in the next adventures of the guys, expecially Carlo shall use them in the next travelling dolly posts, but I thought the collection deserved a post of his own!

The guys look pretty handsome, perhaps these colours aren't really befitting for the pale ones, with the noticeable exeption of Carlo, he looks wonderful whatever the colour of the clothes is!

Orso Maria

Now you know what I've been up to in the last months!


My funny Valentine

Odette and Carlo are enjoying a  serendibitous St. Valentine's day!

Happy St. Valentine's day to all of you too!!!

Rod Stewart: Have I told you lately