travelling dolly

My main interest, above anything else - even fashion dolls - is travelling around the world. I'm trying to visit as many beautiful places as I can in my lifetime!

As long as I really can't take the dollies with me (it is hard enough to carry myself across deserts) they are going to make some virtual visit to the beautiful sites I've seen (and photographed) thanks to the magic of PS!!!

So far I only managed to see only 7% of the whole world, in 2013 I was very lucky and visited Oman, Jordan and China! Finally I was able to do some planning for 2014: Uzbekistan and Russia!!! My boyfriend is the boss in these matters (it's his job actually)....

So I shall use for the dollies some of his photographs too.....he allows me a HUGE choice

I've also decided that London Mist Imogen (Odette) shall be the Travelling Dolly, as she has my same hairdo!!! at least I will begin with her, one can never tell......

In the meantime I'm working (hard) on some new fashions!!!

Chapter 1: Odette in London:

Christmas Special: Snow Queen Camilla:

With the new year the project is ready to get really started, and our first destination is Egypt! I've planned monthly instalments (I'll publish them the 6th of each month):

Chapter 2: Odette in Egypt Part One - Oasis and the Black & White Desert:

Chapter 3: Odette in Egypt Part Two - Giza, The Red Sea and the Eastern Desert
Odette in Egypt Part Two

Chapter 4: Odette in China part 1 - the north
Odette in China

Chapter 5: Odette in China part 2 - the south
Odette in China 2

Chapter 6: Odette in China part 3 - on line now!
Odette in China part 3

Chapter 7: Odette in Oman part 1 - The Cities

Chapter 8: Odette in Oman part 2: Forts and Doors

Chapter 9:  Odette in Oman part 3: The Wadis

Chapter 10: Odette in Kos

Next destinations: The USA, Spain, Zanzibar and Kenya, Mexico, Jordan, Turkey and Myanmar......


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