Homage to style: Frida Kahlo

I've been planning this for a while, since I saw the Frika Kalho exibit two years ago. I was really impressed by the collection of her dresses which closed the exibit and by Vogue's pictures of her.

In fact I'm planning a whole collection ispired to her style, but as I saw this first outfit I thought that a series of good photosessions, one for each dress, would suit the whole concept better.

So this post is just a photo session. I used my new Lumix with Leica lenses, natural light (I've been waiting a while for "perfect light") and the "miniature" artistic setting. Probably this post is too long and has too many pictures, but I just could not resist!

The model is going to be Veronica, this style really befits her.

In the background you can see my collection on Mexican titbids. The calla flowers are an hommage to one of Diego Rivera's favourite themes. I'll try to find some more for future photosessions!

Somehow she's got something of Miss Havisham, and a feeling like she's one of Isabelle Allende's characters. Sort of House of The Spirits vibe. Got to find a huge dog for the next photosession.

See you soon!



Let me introduce you to the latest addition to my collection: Oomph! Ayumi.
I wasn't impressed with her when she was released at first (probably due to the dull dress). Then I saw some pictures of her, and I realized that, well, she is mini-me: blonde hair , tanned complexion, green eyes, high cheekbones and pointy chin (Sasha agrees, even if he noted that  she would a perfect mini me  if she had thin lips) Anyway we're talking about a general resemblance: it's just "mini-me" after all!
Still I didn't buy her, as I thought that, being an ITBE doll, she had to be on a tall body. And, besides my vowing not to add any more Tall bodies to my collection, I don't have that kind of figure.
Then checking the net I realized she comes on a Poppy body!!!!

I found her at a bargain price, so finally I bought her. Here she is, right out of the box (but with a new dress). She's going to be called Billina.

As I wasn't happy with her hair I took her with me to the hairdresser. My friend Anna made her my same hairdo!

Now I LOVE her!

I was just one girl short to match all the guys, but now that she arrived home DRAMA sets in!!!

I didn't have any official mini-me and Odette acted as a stand in, but as Carlo is Sasha's "mini-him" you can see that something is going to happen.

I think that Carlo never really forgave Odette for the "wedding dress joke", or maybe it is just  that mini-him has to be matched with mini-me?

They look perfect together, and they have also the right height difference!

From now on they are going to be the new "travelling dolly" couple.

Now someone has to tell Odette. Ermanno is going to undertake this task, after all he's been able to convince Margherita that he and the twins are her long lost family!!!!

Odette is really distressed, but Ermanno is convinced she'll be fine if I'm going to  find her a new fiancee.

Luckily we have some choice of single guys, and she's going to make her pick between Attilio, Cesare and Omero.

I don't believe Omero really suits her, too rugged.

And Cesare is too much of a gigolo, I already know him, even if he doesn't  have a proper dress yet.

I think Attilio is perfect, he's got a 60's  Brit look, as she does, and they're are going to be a very nice Mod couple!

More about Billina and Carlo soon!


Liebster Award reprise and a mixed bag of dioramas in progress

I've been already nominated for the Liebster Award, but Brenova was so sweet to nominate me again, so I'm not going to go over the whole thing again (I don't have any more random facts to give about me!!! LOL)  but I'm going to answer her 11 questions!

1. How did you start blogging?

I had been sewing and photographing for almost a year and  starting a blog seemed a good way to give a "shape" to what I was doing and sharing it with people who had the same hobby

2. Which Blogger inspires you?

I can't really name just one, I see a lot of interesting things on other people's blogs. The one original thing I do and the thing I like best is photomontages of the dolls into my travel's photographs.
A nice way to occupy my spare time and relish my old travels.

3. Did you get support from your family and friends when you started?

Well, they were not horrified, Shasha was amused, but was so nice to put up with it. My sister is fashinated.

4. What is the inspiration for the stories on your blog?

I'm really bad at writing original stories (I really don't have the time for proper writing, in spite I have lots of ideas) so I usually use novels or movies as inspiration for photosessions.

5. Do you have a dedicated space to write your blog or stage dioramas?

I "work" in my study, where I have my dolls, dios, books, movies, and loads of memorabilia and pictures from our travels.

6. What are your favorite things to write about?

Travels of course!

7. How many dolls do you own?

This is a hard one, I really don'k know now, I believe 60....

8. How long have you been blogging?

Two years and a half, when I become obsessed about it a take a little time off to recharge.

9. Do you have a lot of inventory and props for staging?

Not really a lot, but I have collected a few in this last year. I don' have much space so I try to pick only the things I really "need"

10. Can you see the miniature in most things?

Lately I'm getting better at this

11. What’s next for you and your blog?

More photomontages and hopefully hard boiled novels themed posts....

Thank you again Brenova!

Now, let me give you some uptades about the crew over here and the things that have been going on. I haven't had much spare time in the last month, and october is hardly going to be better. But I've managed to put togheter some outfits and I'm going on with my "scenes".

Here's the fashion atelier:

You can see that Filippo still hasn't got a complete outfit, but I collected all the pieces I needed to set up the diorama.

The game room:

Orso Maria and Omero are obsessive chess players. I have to change the painting on the wall.

The new "Norma Desmond Lounge":

You can see that Geremia is now our resident butler (Max is not going to arrive, I think) and he's perfect for the part. On the new chaise you can see our new guy: Agostino, he's the one smoking the cigar.

I have to update "The Models" page because a lot of new characters are missing!

This is the hearth room:

As you see now Luchino has got a vest and a chain watch, little Adelaide has got a dress and shoes, Taddeo has a new cruise suit (I think this is perfect for him) and let me introduce you to their maid: Mafalda.

I've moved the mexican bar to another shelf as it kept falling down (which caused me a lot of stress) and Odette is checking it up, il looks like both Attilio and Giulio are happy to meet her!

See you soon!


The Redhead Connection presents: Strolling in Venice

This post has been long overdue, but there's a reason for this. When I planned it I was sure I could use some pictures of Venice we took some ten years ago, unfortunately after desperate searces in the pc and backups we found out we've lost them!

This was pretty bad, so it took me a while before I made up my mind to prepare this post anyway with stock pictures from internet.
As I was free to pick and choose the kind of images of Venice I wanted to use, I decided to show you a slightly diffrent side of Venice. No San Marco Square, no Lido, but little canals, calle and corti (coorts).

Venice is wonderful, one of its wonders is that you have to walk or take ferries to move around the town. Or a Gondola.

I finally managed to start working on a Poppy Parker's wardrobe, so Berenice is very happy to star in a post after quite a while! Furthermore she's here with Giacomo.

Calle de le colonete
Maybe you remember, or maybe not,  they are the "pretty couple" around here. They are just so neat looking!

Corte della Comare
I have to work more on Poppy's dresses proportions, the dress is acceptable but it doesn't fit as I hoped 

Giacomo is wearing mostly an IT outfit, I only made his jeans (these jeans are a favourite over here, I have to sew more of them!)

ca' Barnaba
Calle dei Botteri
The purpose of the  Redhead Connection is  to showcase my beautiful redheaded dolls, so here is our wonderful auburn haired couple: Vittorio and Emilia.

Calle dei Botteri
Vittorio has a new pair of glasses and, with a colourful tank t-shirt and jeans jacket, looks a bit less stuck-up.

Corte dei Preti
Since Margherita found her husband and children, Vittorio needed a girlfriend as gorgeous as he is! Emilia is his perfect match.

Murano - Rio dei Vetrai
Corte Sconta
Emilia is wearing one of Odette's floral dresses, it is a bit short but it really befits her!

Ponte del Megio
Of course as soon as the photosession was over he took Emilia on an extensive tour of Venice's historical Palaces and museums....

I must learn to photograph them always in natural light: they look awesome!

Our medieval trip to Venice is over, the girls loved it!


Hommes Fashion Tutorial: The Jacket

Here I am, back from my business travels, it was tough (too many meetings, too few time to rest or think or eat properly during the day.....luckily we managed to have a couple of nice dinners), but  now it is going to be a bit more relaxed....hopefully. This is the last instalment of the male suit tutorials.

Last but not least, let's see how to sew a jacket. After several mistakes I came up with this simplified pattern, which fits pretty well. It is partially lined and doesn't look as bulky as IT jackets do.

We shall need cotton or gabardine, and satin for the lining, thread and pins!

Again to draw your pattern you can use these tips from April's Blog

As you see the pattern is quite simple, the only "complicated" parts are the lining of the lapel and the collar.

At first I did a partially lined lapel, but it fitted awfully, so I devised this

The fit is good now whe mus sew the back together:

Nice enough

Now the collar, you have to take the measurement on the doll:

This is not the "elegant way" to attach the collar, but it won't show and it is neat enough:

As you see it fits nicely

The sleeves shall be lined too, as it will be easier for the doll to wear the jacket on long sleeves:

And here's Goffredo in his complete Tobacco Road outfit!

Hope this tutorial is clear enough, please feel free to ask any questions, I'll do my best to answer you!