off to Santo Domingo.....and things to come

Hello everybody! Tomorrow Sasha and I will be off to Santo Domingo!
We were planning to go to Perù, then we realized we were too tired for such a  wonderful but challenging trip (at least I am) so for the first time I'm going to try a seaside holiday.
Of course we are already planning some day trips around the island, but we are going to stay here

So the one thing we're sure about is that we are going to swim a lot!!!!

 We'll be back by the end of  november.

I really need this vacation, as I already know that when I'll return I'll be very busy at work: one of the girls in my team will go to work in Milan (I helped her to grab a huge opportunity and I'm so happy for her!). I've just finished the interviews and picked a new coworker. She will join us in december and I'll have to teach her and tutor her for a while. Tutoring is demanding but I like the challenge. In fact I'm very proud with my girls and boys, they are all having very nice carreers (inside or outside my team).
Problem is I'll have to do a lot of overtime work, and unfortunately my blogging is going to suffer from this.
I'll try to keep on posting, as I'm sure I'll be sewing like hell to relax myself, but I  fear the quality of the pictures is going to suffer (making nice pictures takes quite a bit of time and post-production work).
Anyway in the next months you can expect to see Tecla's resurfacing (she's got a new wardrobe and a butler), and random pictures of fashions and dioramas (at least one good post for Christmas and New Year's eve)
Perhaps some crazy little story.
Speaking of crazy little stories: we printed the book I wrote for my nephews and it is having a huge success! A nearby elementary school even asked me if they can use it as a reading book for the kids.
I have to register it and send it to a proper publisher!

A huge kiss to all of you, see you again by the 27th of November!!!!


Great writers' footsteeps: looking for J. Joyce - Nicola in Dublin

Nicola is supposed to be a writer, but he's been afflicted by  a writer's cramp lately.  Furthermore he was somehow engaged with Edda and now that she left the house he's  been looming around idly flirting with all the girls.
Trying to revive his inspiration he has decided to take a trip to Dublin, on the tracks of J. Joyce's Ulysses.
Anyway he's going to enjoy a tour of the pubs.

Cecilia, who should know better, seized the moment and volunteered to accompany him, as a secretary. She's been eyeing Nicola since her arrival.

She thinks he's got the "tall dark stranger" looks. So she borrowed Ofelia tartan outfit an off they are!

Day One

First of all they pose for a picture with J. Joyce statue.

Then they head for the Writer's museum.

Then a visit to the Martello tower. Cecilia is  bored already.

And Ormond Quay.

Nicola has been blabbering for hours, he's in a stream of consciousness mood and Cecilia wants to die.....

Day two

Nicola is stunned when they meet Giorgia in Grafton Street, he completely forgets about the stream of consciusness and dragging Cecilia with him invites Giorgia to join in.

Giorgia loves Joyce, so she enthusiastically agrees.

They visit the Phoenix Park

Sandy Mouth Strand

And the Castle. Nicola and Giorgia are getting along wonderfully!

Day three

Nicola has completely forgot to focus upon his inspiration and proposes a  tour of the pubs!

The Market

The Stag's Head

The Temple

The Quai

Nicola and Giorgia are definitely an item. Cecilia is very angry at me, but I don't believe she had any chance with Nicola, would she ever find Mr Right Guy?