Christmas Eve

I put up some Christmas decoration around the doll rooms, as always I didn't have much time to set up great sceneries, but I added little touches here and there around the rooms to get a nice festive feeling.

At Costanza's we have the only child in the whole house. Adelaide can't wait to go to bed, she really hopes that tomorrow morning she shall finally have some toys!

Carlo and Billina are having a little party with some friends. They are planning next year's travels.

Vittorio, Emilia, Bartolomeo and Agata choose to spend Christmas Eve in the persian room discussing the latest books they've been reading. They are trying not to notice Onofrio's disquieting presence

Odette and Attilio have decided to celebrate at the Mexican bar, where they first met. Augusto put up very little decorations, but the atmosfere is festive enough!

The Traveller's room is a bit crowded, Cesare is upset as it seems there's no girlfriend for him, he's worried he'll be matched with one of the girls from the "unarticulated crowd", he'll be suprised!

I've finally picked the new pictures for the game's room walls, but hadn't time to put them up, soon this room will be finished, and here you see Corrado and Eugenio discussing chess playing

As promised to Linda here are some pictures of Corrado AKA Daryl Dixon, MG Toys head with implanted hair:

He's the bongo player in Sebastiano's band, and he's wearing one of my best outfits so far. It looks like I've finally managed to draw a good pattern for shirt's collars!

This is all for Christmas Eve, I wish you all a Merry Chrismas and wonderful holidays, hopefully I'll be able to post something for New Year's Eve too!


Onofrio comes home

 Luchino: So your brother is coming to live here
Costanza: I'm so happy. He's preparing a new play or something like that.
Luchino: Well, if you're so happy, but he always seemed a bit odd to me.
Costanza: You're so narrow minded Luchino, it's just his a true artist, and a great theater actor. And in the end they are just Tattoos.
Luchino: Like blood stains on his face? All right, all right. We won't get started on this,  but he's not going to be a good influence on Armando, he already spends enough time reading crime novels.
Costanza: I believe he will be good for the boys. He will take them out and maybe they could even meet some girls....at long last!

Onofrio: Hello Sweethearts! I'm home! What's you name darling dear?
Mafalda: Mafalda sir, I'm the maid
Onofrio: You're a jewel, darling dear. Please take these and put them somewhere. Hallo!!!! Anybody's here to welcome the homecoming warrior?

Luchino: Costanza tells me you're preparing a new play?
Onofrio: Well, just a reprise of my famous Richard the III!
Luchino: Oh, so you needed to come home to prepare a reprise?

Onofrio: To be honest, old man, there was a lady in Paris, and one in Rome and somewhat they both got the strange idea I was going to marry each of them, so I had this idea to accept this reprise close to home and made my famous disappearing act!

Mafalda hates the guy
Luchino: I thought it had to be something like that
Costanza: Onofrio, Richard the III such a great part
Onofrio: Thank you little sister, it will be nice to  a permanent base in between theater engagements and tournees.

Luchino: And a secure hiding place.
Onofrio: Where are the kids?

Armando & Taddeo: Uncle Onofrio! This is great!
Onofrio: Good to see you boys, you can go and get your darling dear maid to fix a drink for your old uncle? Adelaide, little princess, come on and hug your old uncle!

Luchino: Now he's here, and I already feel like I've been struck by a tornado
Costanza: Luchino, you have no reason to be so stuck up with Onofrio, you saw it for yourself: he wears socks!

Family group

As you've seen there's nothing to be worried about, Onofrio is just a flamboyant and careless theater actor. Here's a picture of him in his outfit, I believe steampunk is perfect for him.


The Norma Desmonds: what about Enrico?

Tecla: So where have you been hiding yourserlf?
Enrico: I'm sorry Tecla, I had to consider. About us, and the whole thing about the modeling agency. You see, I feel I really like this job, and Giovanna believes I've got talent as a model. Besides they are giving me these fancy clothes

Tecla: I think these clothes stinks, actually. They are simply awful.
Enrico: Your privilege, Tecla. I'm sure I want to give this new opportunity a try, they are paying me good money too.
Tecla: All right, I really don't bother. But remember I won't take you back when you'll come begging me after my new movie shall be released
Enrico: A new movie?
Tecla: Yes, and now it's time for you to go. Max! Accompany Mr. Enrico at the door.

Max: Yes Madam. Mr. Enrico, please come with me.
Enrico: Goodbye Tecla, and goodluck.
Tecla: I won't need luck, I'm a STAR!

Enrico is gone.

Tecla: Well Max, now that we're done with the beefcake, what's next on the agenda?
Max: You should call Mr Filippo at the atelier, Madame. To see if your new wardrobe is ready.
Tecla: I will do that right away. But before fix me some caviar and champagne

Tecla: Hallo Filippo

Filippo: Hallo Madame Tecla, how are you?

Tecla: Don't waste my time Filippo, how much it will take to that girl of yours to get my new wardrobe ready?
Filippo: The first two outfits are ready, Madame, the third is on her way. I'm sure you'll be very satisfied with Virginia's work. Everyting will be ready on schedule.

Tecla: I hope so, she didn't look really experienced for me. Anyway we shall see. Goodbye Filippo.
Filippo: Goodbye Madame Tecla.

Tecla hangs up

Max: Everything is all right, Madame?
Tecla: I think so. I think I should use another  drink Max. Fix me some more champagne. Then you can call that writer. What's his name, Nicola. I want to talk to him about the screenplay.
Max: I'll see to that Madame. Right away.

Later on

Max: Mr Nicola will be here later in the afternoon Madame.
Tecla: Very good, Max. I can always rely on you.
Max: You're too kind Madame.

In the afternoon

The trip to Dublin didn't help Nicola to get past his writer's cramp. He feels that writing a screenplay on specs might do the trick.

Tecla: I'm ready for my return, and I want you to help me with the script. It is going to be a movie about Salome
Nicola: Salome? Well there's been a new wave of historic blockbusters, doesn't sound a bad idea.
Tecla: It is a Great idea! and I'm going to play Salome
Nicola: Wow, I thought you were only going to be the producer....

Tecla: What do you mean by that? I'm going to be the executive producer, screenwriter and of course I'm going to star in it!!!
Nicola: Of course, how stupid of me. And you are going to direct it too?
Tecla: Max is going to direct it!
Max: Excuse me Madame, but I don't think is a good idea, this is going to be your return, you need a new director, acquainted with the new audiences. This is also the reason why you've asked  here Mr, Nicola.

Tecla: Oh yes, I almost forgot! Nicola, I would appreciate some suggestions for the director.
Nicola: In fact I have. And maybe also a cinematographer.
Tecla: Very good. I will see you all in a week's time from now. And I expect to get a ten pages treatment of the movie by that date.
Nicola: Well, is quite a short notice, but I'll manage.
Tecla: See you next week then. Goodbye Nicola.
Nicola: Goodbye Madame.

Tecla: Everything is going as expected, Max. Now I have to wait for my new wardrobe, get the ten pages treatment and go visit Luchino. He has to produce this one!
Max: He will Madame, he will.

In the meantime at the Mexican Bar

Corrado: Hi man, how did it go?
Enrico: I'm a free man! It all went smooth as silk. That lady is crazy, she's planning to do a movie
Corrado: Well man, looks like you missed the chance to star in it, don't you?


Back from Santo Domingo!

Hello Everybody, we're back from Santo Domingo! In fact we've been back for almost a week now, but unpacking, washing, catching up with everyday chores and getting back to work kept us very busy!

Thank you all for all the nice messages and comments. We had a great time, and we really feel to reccomend Bayahibe to everyone who needs a real vacation (and loves sunbathing and swimming).

I must tell you readjusting to everyday's life is proving pretty tough this time. A completely "dumb" kind of vacation can do this for you! LOL

Here are a couple of nice shots we've taken and  yes, this places are for real!

To prove you that I haven't been completely lazy here is a new guy: Eugenio, in his complete outfit. He's got a Leonardo di Caprio facesculpt on a Coomodel narrow shoulder tall body.  I like this informal style and I'm going to make more of these. It's going to be called the "frugal collection".

And she's Greta, she came naked as I was only interested in the doll (she's named after Greta Garbo of course). For the time being she's going to wear a FR outfit from the "Funny Face" collection. Courtesy of Virginia.

As I told you I will not have a lot of time to dedicate to photomontages. And I'll have to  slow down the posting. But I've been able to write down some outlines for new Tecla's adventures and thanks to the diorama rooms they will be easy to set up and to photograph. Boys and girls are going to "come to life" with some real stories!

Carlo and Billina have changed to winter clothes and they look forward for some Christmas photosession.

You can see Bartolomeo in the foreground. He's wearing a partial Chanel outfit I've been working on and that will be displayed in springtime, along with a new chapter of Cecilia's quest for true love! He's visiting while waiting until I'll be finished with the fashion figures guys. He's not happy but he's an artist so he understands....

Let's have a look at what the other girls and boys are doing (I'm writing their names as I'm loosing control over "the modes" page):

The traveller's room needs some work, I have to fix those awful seats! Vittoria is so comfortable in her Frida Kahlo's outfit she's not changed yet. Ofelia is wearing a new trouser suite, Goffredo and Pietro are sporting two outfits from the Tobacco Road collection.

Finally Vittorio has got some books for his historian work (he needs a History Professor suit), Emilia is not thrilled but she will enjoy them (with time) . Besides she's got a new trousers suite, so she's happy enough. Cesare is still waiting for his jacket but at least his shirt is complete and he's got new shoes. I feel this room is complete, I'm thinking over the possibility to add a wall with octoman designs.

The games room is ok, it is still waiting for a new painting. Nicola and Giorgia are enjoying each other company, while Orso Maria and Omero are pretty bored. But I'm planning some action for them!

The Atelier is complete! Now Filippo has got his outfit (no socks yet, but I'm working on some possibilies). I think this room rocks!

Happy Family! LOL, they deserve a soap opera of their own....

Here you can see Max, he is arrived and Tecla (who's not in the picture) is sooooo thrilled!

Odette and Attilio are getting along fine!

I just wanted to show the new library I added to Sebastiano's room, he's also got an old fashioned stereo. This room is finished too it just needs to be cleaned a bit...

Last but not least after only 5 days since our return I was hit with a terrible back strain and I've been bedridden for three days.  Now I'm back on my two feet thanks to cortisone injections, but I don't feel quite well yet.

Side effect from the return from the Caribbeans, I'm still waiting for my Sweeney Todd guy to arrive (this week hopefully):

He'll be called Onofrio, still trying to guess why he's sprayed with blood.....gosh....

But since we returned I couldn't resist the impulse and had to oder a Jack Sparrow head:

He'll be called Emilio (I think)

I still have to introduce you to another guy (Corrado) but I'm still working on his outfit.

I hope you all are doing great and I'll try to catch up with the reading.