Kenzo for Mafalda

I was looking for some "new" ideas and Kenzo came to my mind, so I've checked the collections from the last couple of years, andI found this great jumpsuit from Kenzo's 2013 spring collection (in fact I found several ideas that I'm going to pick from that collection).

I thought it was perfect for Agnese, who has been waiting for her magic moment for a long time now, but after sewing the dress (Odette is usually my mannequin) I tried to put it on Agnese and I made a very unpleasant surprise: no handspeak system on her!!! I checked on the web and found out this system was not yet in use when IT released London By Night Ayumi. I like her the same but it was a huge disappointment. So I tried the jump suit of the FR2 girls, and it fitted, then on Margherita (FR Tall body) and it looked ok.
But I was not pleased with how it looked with her huge bust, so I finally settled for Mafalda.
So she was off to the Riviera for this photosession. I picked Nice this time, and let me tell you, the colours of the Mediterraneum are really a threat!

Speaking of the Promenade des Anglais, pictured above, can you believe it inspired this picture to Edvard Munch?!?!?! Yes, Edvard Munch AKA "Mr The Scream" (actually he painted the scream two years after this on)! I saw this at an impressionist exposition a couple of years ago and I was flabbergasted:

Well, believe me, this is what the Riviera can do to you too!!

But, let's get back to Mafalda.

I'm very much into Urban Safari or Jungle themes lately, so you can be assured that more of these are to come! I used a Liberty Cotton fabric with a floral pattern, not very jungle but it's fitting enough, shoes are by Paul Zangby. I also made a matching shoulder purse.

The colours of Nice's old town are a perfect backdrop to present this fashion.

It's started raining, so Mafalda has got to go and take cover.....

See you soon!


Nicola: Mad About the boy 3

Nicola is an adverturous guy, he's a journalist and a writer and he likes to live in style. So I choose for him one of the most stylish of the European capitals: Berlin.
And he's going to stay in a delux room in the Hotel Hadlon Kempinski, it seems all this gold suits him fine!
About this doll: Lady Thriller Pierre De Vries. As usual in oder to reduce the expenses I bought this doll nude. I think it is the only Pierre Doll which doesn't suffer from hands and feet discolouring, one more reason to be very happy with him. This is an older Homme model, so he doesn't have removable hands, but it is a minor fault, as this guy is perfection!

I love his adult looks, and he looks like a guy who can see the funny side of life.

It took me a while to learn how to photograph him, but now I'm very pleased with the results.

He  is Too Darn Hot!

Of course I could not omit the hommage to Sasha's football club....

Ella Fitzgerald: Too Darn Hot!

See you soon



I'm back..more or less

Hello everybody!

I hope you're all doing great!

Of course I've been back from Uzbekistan for a while, and let me tell you it's a wonderful place, but as soon as I got home I was caught in a very tough spot at work.
Everything went fine, anyway, and I also managed to take another wonderful trip to Russia.
Then work took all my time and attantion, and now I will rest for a little while and will devote myself to my favourite sport: sunbathing.
Summer is not the right time to sew, but I have some posts ready so I'm planning a quarterly release, and hope to start again  in full swing when long winter evenings shall be dedicated to new fashions.

Lots of kisses