random thoughts on doll collecting

In my first post I already presented you my collection, my models as I call them. It's not a huge one, as I prefer to limit myself (as long as compulsion will allow me to do so) to one doll for each face sculpt I like, choosing the doll depending on her hairdo and hair colour.

Actually I already own two "glitter" model muse (AKA Loboutin) because it's really beautiful, but they'll remain an exception. Lately I've developed this fascination with FR, the poseable body allows to show the dresses in all their "glory" and is much more fun than MM.

Besides while Nu-Face and Model Muse share the same measurement, FR and FR2 don't match exactly, and I like the fashions I make to be interchangeable, limiting myself to FR2 I only have to do "duplicates" of the trousers!!!

I'm pretty happy with my collection now that the boys have arrived, and I have a lot of sewing projects!!!!

in the meantime Vittorio arrived  home:

And after him I also bougth Bartolomeo, Orso Maria, Samuele, Giacomo and Enrico. I have to do a lot of catching up with the mad about the boy page!

From this year's Integrity Colletion I decided to buy Take it easy Cruz (AKA Samuele The Dude),
Full Spectrum Veronique (who shall be introduced soon as Ofelia)

and from the convention I fell in love with this guy Callum Wilson, wonderful new face sculpt and I needed a guy with piercing black eyes and long black hair....hope he's going to arrive soon! He will be called Sebastiano, I think......

For this year I'm finished with new dolls (male or female), now they are way tooo many and I already filled their new cabinet. I think I'm going really to concentrate on sewing and photomontages, as I haven't been able to introduce them or even photograph them all yet!

....but....what about this guy? He's sooooo expensive but he has a potential as a kind of 30's leading man.....

I dreamed I could keep down the number of new dolls added to the collection in 2015, but I had to get some more guys, so I ended up buying nearly the whole set from the Gloss Convention, plus a Tony Manero. The fact is: I want one guy for each of the girls, at least for Odette and the FR2 girls.
Furthermore I've come to a big decision, I'm going to sell or give away all the Tall Body FR, as I only want to focus on FR new main line.
This said these will be the new entries for 2015, some are on their way home, some will arrive later (august/september)

of course I'm going to keep N-face, Poppy and MM Barbies, but in the end Odette plus the FR2 crew are my line!

Shadow of a doubt....should I get Kieron Morel?

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