Welcome home Nasty!!!

Seeing all those beautiful pictures out there of dollies with their little pets, and thanks to Lisa at Pumpkinhillstudios, my girls have their dog too!!!

It's a black scottish terrier, a perfect clay miniature, and he came fully dressed too!
I called him Nasty, because I wanted to call him Asta like the "Thin Man" dog, but I couldn't find a white terrier and I have to tell you, this little dog has got a temper!
Speaking of bad temper who should be the owner but Cecilia? They are a heavenly match (even though I'm not sure Cecila can actually like someone besides herself). Anyway they look beautiful:

Thanks again Lisa!!!


A new girl: Agata

I had to wait for her a long long time, as I ordered her at the beginning of december, but she remained engulfed in the heavy Christmas traffic at USPS. Finally she's here: Strict Elegance Luchia!
I liked her outfit and accessories, this one is not as thick as Natalia's so I took some pictures of her before redressing. 

The ensemble is itriguing and I'm sure  this nice coat will come in handy!

I really like her sculpt, she's got a very simple colouring, with her deep blue/violet eyes and raven hair she's a winner, I love her blush....

Her new name shall be Agata!

I found out that Nu-Faces and Monogram bodies are easyer to pose, but I think it is due to is my lack of skill, so I'm going to do some practice to exploit the full potential of the FR2 model. 

Now she's wearing a floral liberty cotton dress from an original design by me, I still have to understand her true nature, I believe she's a bit of an urban chic girl like Olga!



Little Black Dress 2: "the 30's and Madame Gres" - featuring Caterina

"For a dress to survive from one era to the next, it must be marked with an extreme purity." ~ Madame Grès

A couple of months ago, researcing some Greta Garbo fashions from the 30's I "discovered" Madame Gres, she was an astounding cotourier (her design house was known from the 30's through the early 40's as Alix afterwards as Grés) who had a very distinctive design and a incredible skill for pleats. Her best known fashions have an incredible quality and  her dresses looked as they were sculpted!

Among her Hollywood clients she counted Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly.

I found this  astounding design of hers from the 30's.

This was actually an evening dress, dated 1934, but I loved it so much I revised it into a little black dress fashion, those sleeves are wonderful, and it seemed perfect for Caterina. You can see that Madame Gres knew exactly was she was talking about when she was speaking of purity of lines:

Backdrop: Subdivided Columns by Michael Hansmeyer - Gwangju Biennale in South Korea 2011

A couple of closeups: 

jewels by IT - Elise Jolie most wanted nexcklace, Strict Elegance Luchia: earrings, bang and ring

finally I managed to capture her incredible beauty

this is soundrack I've chosen for this decade: "Everything's been done before" from the 1935 Jean Harlow movie "Reckless",  it seems appropriate speaking of the LBD!!!
On the next instalment:  the 40's, Dior and the New Look
previous instalment The LBT 1: 1926 Coco Chanel
See you soon!


Carlo: Mad about the boy 1

Carlo (Lukas Style Strategy) has arrived home a week ago, I'm still working at his wardrobe and waiting for his shoes....but I couldn't restist to present him, as he is so incredibly beautiful!!

This doll has a perfect screening and I really like his frowning attitude: he's the perfect contrary of Ken, maybe this did the trick with my prejudice about male dolls.

The setting of these pictures is the Whitcomb Hotel in San Francisco....I love this particular place in the whole big world....

And as he has no clothes a hotel room seemed a perfect place to show off his underwear!!!

and here's a closeup.....as I'm working hard at my first men's fashions I cant' resist taking photographs of this Guy....
Oh Sasha, don't be jealous, rember:  he's mini you!!!!! LOL

Sasha says that if he's mini him he has to be a sampdoria supporter:

A sexy one of course!!!!

Happy St. Valentine Day!!!

Our  soundtrack y:  Dinah Washington singing Mad About the Boy by Noel Coward:



As I didn't win Isha, and it looks extremely complicated to get the Montaigne Market Doll, I focused myself on the hommes.
I browsed all the old collections and picked up my favourites.


Carlo is already home, I'm preparing some clothes for him and he's surely Mr Nice Guy in person. He's an incredibly beautyful and photogenic doll. I was lucky enough to find also the other two hommes I like, and right now they are on their way home:

Lady Thriller Pierre Devries


Checking Out Francisco Leon

As I already said, I won't start collecting hommes, I was lucky enough to find the three I like best. Let's wait and see if the new hommes collection fron IT will have some new molds.....I hope not to fall in love with the new announced bodies.
Anyway, I expect to have a lot of fun with my collection.....many dresses and photomontages are ready to come!!!

See you soon!!!!


Travelling Dolly 4: Odette in Egypt Part Two - Giza, The Red Sea and the Eastern Desert

Just one night in the desert and Odette is already  in need of some relax!
But first  she is going to pay a homage  to the great historical Egypt visiting the amazing Giza Plateau and the Sphinx!
Fashion by Billa - shoes by Paul Zangby - All photos by Sasha

High heels in the desert?!?!?

On route to Marsa Matrouh she stopped at Al Alamain, where two terrible battles of WWII were fought. This picture was taken at the Museum.

Just a brief stop in Marsa Matrouh for a glimpse of the Mediterranean Coast....not that bad, isn't it?

Fashion and shoes by Mattel, purse by Billa - all pictures by Sasha

And then she was off to the Red Sea.
To begin with:  the Resort is Amazig!

Is that a crocodile, or what?
And the beaches and sea too!

But she surely can't miss to take a peek at the Eastern Desert and at least a glimpse of the Bedouin culture!
Odette is in the mood to try to pull off some "Avedon's"....

This is the local camel market, not exaclty an inspirational experience,  camels are extremely important in Bedouin life, but these don't seem very happy. But animal markets are often a bit of an usettling experience,  sure this is a smelly one!!!

Wheren't they Elephants?
Keep trying......

You don't expect me to ride this, do you?

Ok Odette, some more sunbathing, you're such a lazy girl.

In the next instalment Odette's is going to begin her exploration of China!

Previous instalment Odette in Egypt part one

See you soon!


IT Lottery - ITBE Isha

So the lottery time has arrived and I placed my ticket on Isha. I can't hardly resist a redhead and even thought the chances to get one are very slim I post a picture of her.

Those hair are wonderful!

I know, I promised no more FR tall bodies, but if I get her she'll be the last one! I don't really care for the dress, but I like her shoes a lot....let's wait a week and we shall see.....

PS. I didn't win her....too bad, but seeing the prices on the secondary market I will not pursue her....