travelling dolly 1: Odette in London!

London is such a wonderful city, Odette couldn't wait to see it. She could hardly wait while I was preparing her new wardrobe for this trip! 

It just stopped raining, Odette borrowed Beatrice's umbrella for this trip, she will probably need it! Of course she first wanted to have some pictures taken in front of a telepone boot and the Big Ben

From Piccadilly is a short walk to Soho, my favourite place in London

Odette  has some fun with a cycle-rickshaw ride

then she just had to pick up a nice pub and have  fish and chips and beer for lunch

Shopping at Harrods

"should I?"

in Hyde Park she stops to smell the roses

shopping "antiques" at Portobello

what a glorious day!!!

"See you soon!"


Imogen London Mist: the travelling dolly is here!

This morning Imogen London Mist arrived, she's absolutely beautiful as I espected, I have to agree NuFace body is one of the best, is very poseable and has such a durable appearance!

As she's going to be the travelling dolly I dressed her with this everyday comfortable outfit (an original model by me), she's a no-nonsense girl!

But today is such a cold and rainy day, so she tried on one of Poppy's coats:

bag by The Vogue.hk, shoes by Paul-Zahngby

Now she's going to rest a bit, and then she'll be ready for her next "destination":

I was almost forgetting her new name!!!
From now on she's Odette


urban chic....an original design

The  Nichelle face scuplt is amongst Mattel's most intriguing ones, along with the other two "Daria" and "Marisa" of the Model of the Moment MM line. But the Pirate Barbie Doll I own is also one of the hardest to dress in an effective way. She (Olga) is a pale doll, with light cherry lips and dark eye makeup, the long black/red hair with braids and the golden eyes don't help either.

Nevertheless it is a realistic and beautiful sculpt,with her wonderful high cheekbones,  and I tried several designs and colours for her, but nothing satisfied me. Until I thought of this:

accessories by The Vogue HK

A simple grey cachemere minidress, with high collar, a grey medium lenght jacket (a 60's design) with cachemere details and high crimson boots with matching bag.

Now she's perfect, it seems to me I've found the right mix of understatement (the simple line, the colour of the dress) and aggressiveness, that reprises and enhances her general looks.



chanel tailleur...fitting completed

it was really hard, but the outcome is pretty good.....


Egle (she really looks a lot like the model)

tres chic!

A bulk order of shoes and accessories part 2 (and final)

Today I received the second part of my bulk order of shoes, bags and this beautiful harmchair, everithing looks fine and fits perfectly! I couldn't wait to share.

Giovanna is very pleased!!!


A bulk order of shoes!!!! (part 1)

The first half of my bulk order of shoes and accessories arrived today, they look beautiful and fit perfectly:

finally also the FR Cinderellas shall have some coiche!!!


chanel tailleur

So, I was looking for a Chanel Tailleur for my dollies, I liked this one by Mattel

But Lagerfeld was better!!!!

I'm not for easy tasks at the moment. As fabric I choose pique and a lot of patience......

Here's Vittoria  for a first try on 

more pictures soon.....as fitting shall be perfected


Veronica....a woman in green!

So, green is a tough colour to wear, and yet is one of my favourite ones, so I picked up this simple pattern from an old Symplicity issue,s:

This beautiful emearld green changeant satin fabric:

and then I tried it on several models.

But Verorina is such a winner wearing it I will show you just her pictures. Elise Jolie is a wonderful sculpt, besides that her eyes are stunning with this dress:

As you will notice this dress has a honeycomb motif which was not so easy to do for a 1/6 miature dress, it was a real challenge, but it was worth it!!!