Flapper Girl Giulia!

The 20's and early 30's are a period I really love, I adore the late silents, the early talkies and those great pre-code movies. Stars like Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson, are absolute icons to me. Elegant and lively.

The first time I saw a picture of Trixie Speed Rider Model Muse I thought she looked a bit like Louise Brooks, probably the raven bob hair, possibly her eyes. She had these wide sparkling brown eyes. I simply had to have her! Since then I've been thinking to make a flapper dress for her, but in spite of the great amount of pictures I found on the web couldn't make up my mind and choose one.

Until I saw this.

This wonderful fashion is in Tonner Deja Vu Roaring 20's collection, it is called "dancing the night away" and is simply amazing. Anyway,  I mixed it with this original design of the era, I really didn't like the idea of a belt on a flapper dress as the whole idea of flapper fashions was to avoid to emphasize the waistline:

I used  two different satin linings for the dress and the exterior of the coat (I applied it on velvet to get the right thickness) and of course faux fur. I also added some touches of gold and a neck chain. The golden shoes are by Mattel  (Barbie Basics Collection 002.5) and are perfect!!!

Well, I was right, Giulia IS a flapper girl! 

a true diva

I also made some B/W closeups, I tried to obtain a sharp contrast to reproduce that wonderful old Hollywood B/W. By the way this doll is really beautiful.

here she's sweet

and here she's spicy!!!
Maybe one day I shall find a doll who looks like Clara Bow!!!!


A Merry Christmas from Billa and the girls!!!

Here's the Christmas Special I've been working at. All the girls wanted to partecipate, but they are too many! So this year the models for the Christmas Cards are:






And we all wish you all a


A Chrismas pinafore dress for Margherita

I had another polyester cotton tablecloth, and I wanted to make a new dress for FR tall body. So I picked this design and prepared a brand new Christmas dress for Margherita.

She looks very pretty in her pinafore dress, it enhanches her silhouette. So here she is posing in front of the Dollies Christmas Tree. Finally she has new shoes and is really happy with them!

Shoes By Paul Zhangby

She also wanted to use some of the souvenirs I gathered from around the world!!!

Laquer Chest from Myanmar - Gift box from Thailand

Preparation for Christmas is almost finished!!!


Caterina a translucent beauty - and a new Christmas Dress

Noveau Regime Tatyana, the first of my dollied Christmas gifts, arrived today. 

I'm so very happy with her. She's so pale and has beautiful light violet eyes. I feared they should be a setback (I prefer natural colors) but they are in a very light shade and look perfect! I christened her Caterina.

Also her square jaw is so distictive. She's a very classy girl.

A new Christmas dress was waiting for her, in the FR2 size. The inspiration was this Butterick design from the 60's:

I used a polyester cotton fabric that was actually meant for a tablecloth, but il looks fine!

She's posing in front of the dollies Cristmas tree

I love FR2 (and new FR) body



travelling dolly 2 - Camilla: Around the snow in a day!

Let's get started with the  Christmas festivities, the girls now have their Christmas Tree, and I've just finished a new winter dress for FR2. It's pique cotton with faux mink details. And odd  combination you might say, but pique cotton has the right mix of rigidity and smoothness to look right in a miniature dress.

I made this dress for a photo contest,  my inspiration was my mother's wedding dress (she married in January). I'm so proud with the result that I've decided to let Camilla have some fun around the globe with her new outfit.

So here's Camilla in "around the snow in a day!"

Switzerland- Sankt Moritz: Picture by Sasha - Boots by Mattel - Christmas Tree: Swarovski
Switzerland - Sankt Moritz: Picture by Sasha
USA -  Tioga Pass: Picture by Billa
Italy - Alagna: Picture by Sasha
Canada - Columbia Icefield: Picture by Sasha
After all this running around Camilla enjoys some well deserved relax and hot chocolate!!!

Austria - Carinzia: Stock Picture
See you soon with some more Christmas goodies!!!


A trip to the countryside

I've found some beautiful shots of autumn landscapes, so I figured out a simple oufit for Vittoria to wear on her trip to the countryside, trousers and a silk shirt and scarf, in the autumn shades of brown and orange

In spite of being so sophisticated, Vittoria is really comfortable in the outdoors!

handbag and shoes by thevogue.hk



Agnese, another intriguing character!

A big surprise! London by Night Ayumi arrived today, I didn't expect her so soon, and was very pleased. However I hadn't thought about how to redress her.

Some time ago I did this little dress, a 60's design, which has a "swinging london" feel to it, so I picked it and tried it on. She looks fine in it!

She's an "intense" doll, with her golden-hazel eyes and long eyelashes, 

I believe she's a bit of a rebel too.....

This nice "crocodile" handbag by TheVogue.hk is a perfect match for her boots 

The fabric of the dress is plain vichy squares cotton, I couldn't find small polka dots.....




Black Orchid Vanessa arrived today, she remained in her box for about three minutes. I'm so happy with her!

She is awesome, and she's so much a Grace Kelly type to me, so immediately I redressed her in my rear window fashion. I love her colours and hairdo.

actually it seems to me the dress fits her extremely well, better than it did on Ginevra:

shure enough she's a skinny girl.....but I'm quite happy that FR2 bodies can wear most of the dresses I sew for MM. The new body feels a bit rigid in the joints, but in this way she can keep her pose better.