pet project: the mexican bar and some new arrivals

I've been thinking about making some sort of bar for the girls and boys to meet, at first I was planning to buy all the pieces and then try to make it look as good as possible.

Then I had an idea: what about making the whole thing by miself? I was inspired by Dani's wonderful works, as she moslty uses cardboard, and I'm a dog using wood!

I have this  black box form IT, a  medium box  and toilet paper rolls and several scraps of cardboard

a nice jewel box which can pass for a woden table, and wood looking contact paper

I also kept the "mirror cardboard" from the Colour Infusion packages.

Here I can visualize: a bar counter, a shelf unit for bottles and glasses, a serving counter for food, a table, bar stools, low stools and a couch!

I had to order something:

mexican fabric for the seats

mexican tiles to decorate the whole thing


Then I've found a whole set of Gloria liquors, and I already have some great miniatures by Dawn Anderson for the Happy Hour food

I also ordered some more goodies   by SandSsweetMiniatures, I needed some oysters and shrimp cocktail.

I don't know yet how it will turn out, but I've started planning...

in the meantime I'm busy like a bee with the new guys' clothes.....trousers, trousers and more trousers!

you can see that Giulio is wearing (for the time being) an IT Hommes shirt

And the furniture for the sewing atelier have arrived from Russia!

I've got a lot on my hands! more sneak peeks in August!


dioramas in progress 2

I've not been lazy, it's just too hot to think a lot about new stories and things, so here's another random post about the diorama's progresses.

This is going to be Sebastiano's room, I prepared a daybed and a this strange but useful chair out of cardboard and sponges.

As you can see Pietrina is already enchanted with her boyfriend and they spend a lot of time making music.

Winston believes the guitar case is his bed, he will be disillusioned soon

Odette and Carlo are not too happy with their new neighbors, everybody likes some music now and then, but too much is too much!

Let's take a peek at Margherita's and Ermanno, it looks like they are now on talking terms.

He looks amused and she's now intrigued. One wonders how they had those twins. This is the one misterious mistery around here, and I don't know if I will ever come up with some sort of an explaination!

The twins aren't going along too well, Giacomo is simply bored to tears by Samuele's endless bowling tales!

Let's talk about Costanza's family, a bit of insight about them is needed because (if I'll be able to write down my ideas) they are someway pivotal to many of the diffrent stories that have happened on this blog so far.

Luchino: No Armando, I'm not going to buy you a Ferrari

Costanza as you know is a movie star, she's still active and pretty famous. She married Luchino at the beginning of her career, so he're the explaination for her grown up boys. Of course Tecla hates her as Costanza is not a "has-been".

Luchino is a movie producer and agent, so I expect Tecla to bother him for her "comeback" , Orso Maria to hang around him in order to get his movies produced and Nicola trying to get some of his brainchild books and novels accepted as scripts.

the boys are  going to get a post all on their own.

Last but not least here's the Persian room! just a sneak peek Pietro is enjoing a nargile while I'm sewing him an outfit.

I'm completely revamping the other rooms of this cabinet. Here are the pictures from a distance, you can see that there's going to be more furniture making (and many pieces are on their way from Russia)!


dioramas in progress

I finally managed to make some room for diorama displays. Nothing fancy, but I really like to put together some little rooms.
So far I revamped the earth room and nearly finished the kitchen
As it is going to be a very long work (I'm making bits and pieces while I keep sewing clothes) I've decided to share some pictures of the rooms in progress....
This way I also have the chance to introduce you the two "families".
As soon as I got  the new "guys" I finally found a "place" in the collection for the tall body FR: Margherita and Costanza. I already had decided to keep Costanza, then I had this idea Margherita was the perfect Mom for Samuele and Giacomo (the twins).
Of course they also needed a father so Ermanno entered the picture, and here they are, enjoing the nearly finished kitchen (I only need to make a couple of pillows for the chairs and a matching apron for Margherita):

Ermanno in his Armani style outfit

Margherita is a bit startled by Ermanno, but  I think they are a nice couple!

Maybe I'll grow accostumed to his face.....

Let's see  Costanza. As she's a true movie star, I matched her with Luchino, they also happen to have two boys: Taddeo and Armando, while Attilio is their cousin, he lives with them and that's all I know about it. There must be a reason but I can't really tell what it was.
I placed them in the renewed earth room, it's a bit crowded as the display shelf is not very roomy, but soon I'm going to take better pictures of the whole thing and also introduce you to their maid (I'm waiting for some piceces to arrive in the mail, perhaps in august this room will be finished)

Luchino needs matching shoes, he's going to have a full "Tobacco Road" suit soon, as for now he must be happy that his dress went so far!

Luchino, dear, you look awesome and you have this intellectual charm, but I really think you need some socks!
Let me introduce you to the whole family:

I liked it better when I was a single movie star.....besides, this picture is crappy!

Now the Tall Girls have found their place in my dolly word and I'm very happy with them!

Let's have a peek at Odette and Carlo (with Black/Sparklez). They finally have the exclusive use of the sunny living room, and they are lazying around in they new pijamas. They also have a new retro TV so they shall watch their favourite tv shows: Velvet and Downton Abbey! And maybe invite friends to watch some soccer match. I  have to make some more arrangements here,  but the living is mostly finished!

Do you think she's going to finish our bathing suits in time to go to Creete?

Let's wait and see......
Hi Muff, here's the picture of the cabinet (bookshelf), so you can have a sneack peek of Sebastiano's room in progress, the cabinet has two more shelves but I think this gives the general idea, I think the dolls looks quite fine among my dvd's travel guides, travel memorabilia and art books!


New bunch of guys!

The bunch of coomodel bodies and action figures heads have arrived! As advertised here are some pictures of them comparing to FR2 girls and Hommes.

Goffredo is wearing the first suit from the "tobacco road" collection, Giulio is in progress....

And as far as poseability, here goes Luchino:

Unfortunately the muscular bodies are only 26 cm  tall, but I ordered some more narrow shoulderded ones from the right seller and some more heads.


I'm satisfied with this body, it poses well and actually can fit serveral kinds of different head joints!
the one problem is with the ankle joints, as the extentions are removable and the guys tends to lose their feet with their shoes on.
But they don't really need to walk around the house a lot so it is a minor fault, furhtermore they are pretty easy to undress and shall wear ultra skinny pants, if needed.

The muscular body is pretty bulkier than FR Hommes


The details of the headscuplts are simply amazing! They look so realistic is a bit scary...LOL





Pietro, Luchino and Giulio obliged for the pohotsession, now I'm working at their first dresses. They are bulkier than the hommes so they are going to have their own line of dresses!

The new characters I ordered are:


Max (Tecla's butler)

I also ordered Erin from the new NuFace collection....