Mad about the boy

I absolutely fell in love with these dolls, so I believe they deserve a page of their own.
They've been home only for a few days and I'm trying to figure out their characters. I made these photomontages of them (inspired by  A&F ads), as I really like like how they look in B/W

Carlo. He is the first and my favourite. He's a serious guy. Of course he likes a lot to play, but he's the quiet tipe. Sweet and strong, with a bit of mistery about him. He's a photographer and Odette's official companion during her travels. Is he also her companion off camera? Time will tell. So many temptations out here. He has such an interesting face sculpt and looks gorgeous from every angle......

Mr. Nice Guy
Carlo Mad About the boy
Carlo in San Francisco
Odette in China part 2
Odette in China part 3
Cozy Christmas Eve
Odette in Oman part 1
Odette in Oman part 2
Odette in Oman part 3
Tartan Craze

Alessandro. He's a bit of a prakster. He loves sports: but his favourite passtime is sunbathing. He loves being with people, and curious about everything. I don't know yet what he's doing, but we'll find out!  He's also quite photogenic, maybe a bit on the bland side...but he doesn't care

Alessandro Mad about the boy
Alessandro in LA
Tutorial: Men's tie
Meet me at Universal's

Nicola. He's the in-house ladies man. He's very handsome and he knows it. He favours elegant suits but he agrees to some casual outfits (still have to make them...LOL). But he's a nice guy too, he has got a tender side....He's a journalist, a writer, even though I don't know yet what he writes about. He's not very easy to capture on camera, but I know  he has a great potential....he came with a lot of gel/glue in his hair but that was easily fixed

Nicola Mad about the boy
Nicola in Berlin
Tartan Craze

Vittorio: He's just arrived home, don't really know him yet. But he's the intellectual type. Possibly an History Professor. I believe this is the reason why he is now lingering in Miami!

Vittorio Mad about the boy
Vittorio in Florida

Goffredo: Maybe he is a professional gigolo, or a private eye......or a gentlemen thief? I feel a classic Hollywood 30's vibe coming from him!

Goffredo: Fixing him up
Goffredo: mad about the boy
Tartan Craze

Sebastiano: Sebastiano is a musician, I fell in love with this new sculpt, but I don't really know much about him. He's gorgeous and the girls all love him. He reminds me the young Helmut  Berger in Ludwig (but I'm sure he's not a mad king)

Sebastiano mad about the boy
Tartan Craze

Bartolomeo: He's a painter, he's sensitive but likes to loaf around with his friends Giacomo and Samuele. He's Agata's boyfriend and he accompanies her when she's visiting exibits.

Dressing up Agata Autumn in Genoa
Bartolomeo Mad about the Boy
Tartan Craze


  1. Wowza! These are boys to be mad about! Congratulations on having them.

    1. Thanks D7ana, I have to update this page.....more boys and a new inspiration for the photosessions! I really prize these guys