Travelling Dolly 3: Odette in Egypt Part One - Oasis and the Black & White Desert

It took me quite a bit  of time to prepare this, but at long last the travelling dolly project is starting in full swing, and as advertised Odette has flown to Egypt. She was really tired of all this winter rain, and off she is in sunny and misterious Egypt!
In the first part of her travel she has chosen to have some adventures, so she is going to discover the haunting beauty of the Western Desert, one of the most beautiful places of the Sahara Desert.
The Western Desert is 262, 000 square miles of dunes, canyons, oases, mountainous plateaus, and valleys that span most of land west of the Nile Valley.

Odette picked a 4x4 vehicle from Marsa Matrouh to the white desert. On route she stopped at two of the most beautiful oasis of the Egyptian desert: Wadi Siwa and Wadi Farafra:

fashion and purse by Billa - shoes by Paul Zangby - all photos by Sasha

Wadi Siwa - hot spring

The White Desert. She will never forget the experience of this spectacular rocks: strange limestone concretions that are shaped like giant mushrooms. Nothing can compare to the beauty of the desert, the empty space gives you a feeling of freedom  and quiet emotion you can seldom experiment anywhere else. And this desert has a magical vibe.

El Qattara Depression

Then Odette headed to the place selected for the camping.
Sure some set backs are to be expected! (please Odette, less luggage next time!!!!)

Bare necessities.....

The drivers managed to fix the car, set the camp and prepared dinner for an overnight stay under the stars.

Yummi?!? Well....edible

"How many stars this Hotel was? Ten thousand billions? Ok, now....where's the toilet?"

On a serious note, the night in the desert camp is amazing, you can see a million of stars, they are so many and so brilliant you feel you can touch them. But it is quite cold!!!

And what about the White Desert at sunrise?

The Black desert. Here the mountains have eroded to coat the desert with a layer of black powder and rocks giving it its name. Towards the end of the Black Desert are black volcanic hills that ages ago erupted a dark volcanic material, which is what the black rocks are made of. This places are a breathtaking experience.

Now Odette is looking forward for her next destination: Giza and the Red Sea!
Part Two: Odette in Egypt pt 2


  1. absolutely lovely!! will She go to Spain??

  2. Thank you Dominique, glad you liked it! Sooner or later she will go to Spain, we don't have digital pictures of our trips to Spain but I'll manage somehow.....next month she will finish her trip to Egipt and then I'm planning to send her in Jordan, China, Mexico and the USA....