The Norma Desmonds: finding a director

Before starting with the photostory, I want to thank you all again for you kind words, sympathy, prayers and sweet comments. I really love being part of this community. I usually don't share personal things on my blog but I felt I had to give an explaination for my sudden disappearance. 
And the warmth of your response  really gave extra strenght. A  huge kiss to all of you!
Tecla's story is almost finished so it is possible I'm going to post several chapters in a row, if I'll be able to take and fix the pictures.

Nicola: Hi guys, I think I've managed to find us all a fancy job!
Omero: Uh?
Orso Maria: Are you serious?
Nicola: I'm serious as I can be. Just listen. I've just met Madame Tecla, she's planning a "return" and she offered me to write the script.

Orso Maria: Very nice, what it will be about?
Nicola: Salome. In her own words "What a woman. What a part. A princess in love with a holy man. ... He rejects her so she lays his head on a golden tray kissing his cold dead lips"....ha ha ha
Omero: Creepy
Nicola: Well, she's creepy enough to fit the part
Orso Maria: Where we do fit in?
Nicola: She's looking for a young director and cameramen. So I thought of the two of you.

Omero: Very kind of you, but it sounds like a crappy project
Orso Maria: Not really. If she plays Salome it would make  a nice horror movie. Do you think it will ever leave the ground?
Nicola: It is possible, she's got the money. She just have to find someone to actually produce it and get her a distribution contract. And even if we don't actually get it finished we could get some real doe out of this.

Orso Maria: I'm not convinced. I really want a real project to work on, I'm tired of commercials.
Omero: I agree with you brother. Nicola, your plan sounds as crazy as her movie. Besides, are you able to write this script?
Nicola: Thanks for the nice words guys, this is the reward for having though of you. And yes, she asked me a ten page treatment in a week's time. I believe she won't notice if I'm going to rip off Oscar Wilde.

Orso Maria: Oh oh.....Hot stuff. Now that I think about it, the Rambova movie was a mess but had a lot of interesting costumes and settings.
Omero: Don't tell me you are seriously thinking to go along with his plan!
Orso Maria: We can meet the lady, and if she's crazy as a bat as they say, we just go away. But if there's only one chance this is going to be a serious movie we should be in it!
Omero: You and your damned avant-guard silent movies!

Orso Maria: Well the dance in the Rambova's is completely still, it would be perfect for an inarticulated actress! Tell me Nicola, how well preserved is she? I mean do you think she can look the part?

Nicola: She looks very fine, I think that with the right lighning she could actually be perfect.
I was sure you would have liked the idea in the end! Now guys you just have to help me with this treatment.

Orso Maria: Uhmmm, I think she's got a De Mille thing in mind

Omero: If it is so, and you're going to direct this, she's in for a shock.
Orso Maria: Just try to be open minded for once!

Later on they are going through Sebastiano's library and Nicola is taking down some notes

Orso Maria: It was nice of Sebastiano to give us access to his library.
Nicola: He's a real friend, now he's busy rehearsing with his band so we have plenty of time.
Omero: Too bad he left this stinking dog here.
Orso Maria: Don't be rude with Winston! He's such a cutie. You're just nervous and you pick on the poor thing.
Omero: Ok, ok.

At home

Omero: Do you really think this will work out?
Orso Maria: I don't know, but she was a big star, and her butler was a great silent director. It will be interesting. And maybe Nicola will be able to write in a part for Camilla.
Omero: Improbable. And I do not feel comfortable with the whole idea.


  1. Oooops, I needed to make a correction to my original comment. Nicola was like the typical unemployed actor. I meant to say that he's like the typical artists who see possibilities in everything. The important thing is to stay in the mix! Who knows where it could take them.
    Glad to have you back and happy to see your crew back in action, Billa.
    As usual, I love your attention to detail especially that tiny little chess set. Your guys are dressed to the nines! Love Orso's outfit, especially his boots. Will be most curious to see what comes next. Big hugs. April

    1. He's just like that, but you see he's been suffering from writer's cramp for two years now!
      I've already written 5 chapters of this story, just have to take the pictures, Tecla has inspired me.
      We are back in action, sort of, at least I think I'll be able to go on with this story for a while, in the meantime I'll manage to get back on track and think about 2016 editorial line!
      Orso's outfit is an hommage to Cecil B. De Mille, especially the boots...LOL.
      Kisses Billa

  2. I am glad you are feeling better, Billa! xoxo
    Wow, these three guys have some difference of opinion it seems. Omero needs to relax a little ;) I agree that Winston is pretty cute!

    1. Hi Farrah, thank you! Omero is a worrier as much as his brother Orso is serendipitous...LOL
      Winston is super cute!!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: I'm glad you feel better. I love these guys but they have to talk more about the future plans. Great looks and pics. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Marta! They guys are trying to eat more than they can chew, we shall see how they'll manage!

  4. Great to see you back! The subject of your story is awesome, I can understand that a writer with writer's block wants to do a new project to sink his teeth in. I look forward to reading how this develops :-). Big hugs xxx

  5. PS: I forgot to say that the clothes everybody is wearing are beautiful! :-)

    1. Hi Linda, it will be a "timid" comeback, but I'm back. As Hitch would say Nicola's writer block is my McGuffin, I needed a way to introduce this story. It is going to be a "global story" as a lot of my dolls will be involved in this....LOL
      I hope I've seen enough silly TV production do keep the narrative together...
      Kisses Billa

  6. I'm so behind on my blog reading that I wasn't aware of your loss. I don't quite have the words to comment on such a heartbreaking event, but I am happy to see you feeling g better and up to posting again. I'm a Tecla fan, so I'm very excited to see how this progresses. Your guys all look great, by the way.

    1. Thank you so much Jewell, it is very sweet of you. Now we are all feeling better, the time is coming when you feel the sweet and funny memories as a comfort and not as a new pain.
      I'm back to blogging and I must say that sewing helped me a lot!

  7. Watching these guys work together will be interesting. Let's see how they do.

    1. How they will manage with Tecla will be even more interesting, they don't know what they are up to! LOL