an editorial line for 2014

anfter two months of random blogging, I've finally set up my mind on the editorial line I wish to give this little brainchild of mine.
I know myself so I know I will not be able to a few selected topics, so random blogging shall continue, but as the travelling dolly project is now well on its way, I took some resolutions for this new year:

Travelling dolly shall continue, and I've planned monthly instalments, I have so much fun revisiting my travels with Odette and doing photomontages, and hope you will enjoy them too!
On this I should go on forever. I've got too many ideas and places, it was very hard to start just because the choice was so hard!

Furthermore, as all the girls love to travel, I've decided I shall do a couple of specials for them.

It seems that reproduction of haute couture designs is interesting (at least I have a passion for it). To begin with,  in the coming weeks I'll introduce a history of the little black dress with designs by Chanel, Madame Gres, Patou, Lagerfeld, Armani, Dior etc. I believe I shall manage monthly instalments for these too and started to work very hard on the dresses!

I've noticed I've been neglecting the Model Muse Barbies so I've got something in store for some of  them too.

Of course I'll keep on posting about the new addition to the collection, some infos and a selection of new fashions I shall sew and some classic hollywood repros.

Some words about the pictures, I'm pretty bored of the staging for the presentation of the models, so I haven't decided yet, but I'm going to set up some sort of permanent diorama or I'm going to do some massive photomontage work.....finally my beloved Nikon came back home from repairing last week, so you will notice an improvement in the quality of the pictures (hopefully).

this backdrop looks ok

Anyway I'll try to post a new entry each week....

See you all!


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