Little Black Dress 1:"1926 Coco Chanel - The Beginning" featuring Mafalda

The little black dress is something each woman, or fashion doll, must have in her closet. I like this quotation by Lagerfeld, because it is so true, one can never do wrong with a little black dress!
In the 20's women's fashions underwent a drastic revolution, but as it seems they were not at all so elegant. So Coco Chanel took a drastic decision: "really, they are so badly dressed, i will put them all in black to teach them good taste"

In 1926 the little black dress was born, and never went away. Even though  it made a brief disappearance in the  mid 50's, it  came back in a vengeance in the 60's and thank also to Hubert De Givenchy became a true icon.

 I've decided to make a brief history of the little black dress, and its various incarnations in the decades, and as you shall see  the little black dress is the Phoenix of Fashions!!!

Finally Mafalda got her well deserved redressing, she has just the right stile for this 1926 design, she's a bit of  a flapper girl with a Parisienne touch I love, and she's quite elgant:

For this dress I used jersey fabric, a bit thick but the original was wool so it seems to me it's fitting

Now I'm sure she won't try to get Giulia's dress!!!

On the next instalment: Madame Gres and the 30's


  1. Love this series of photos (as well as the dress & accessories) and it's great to see the image that inspired you. Great looking blog!