I've been patient for almost a month, and finally Hot Property Natalia arrived today!
I had great expectations for this doll, as it took me a long time to choose the Natalia I wanted and then to find her.
The firs impression was great, she's more beautiful in person than  in the pictures I saw, and her clothes and accessories looked perfect

but....how stiff are these clothes? Ok, they have great details, and I loved the stile (in fact I have a similar outfit, so I really liked this fashion) but they are so thick that the doll is nearly unposeable. I tried to take some pictures of her in full regalia but they were a  disappointment.....

But it was too soon to despair, I just picked up Odette's Egypt outfit and redressed her.....and the she is AWESOME!

I should have bought her nude, but the accessoires were worth the extra price -  I sure shall use them, the fashions shall be useful to check my patters for the tall body, furhermore I have to admit that through this experience I took a lot of extra pride in my own fashions!!!!
Ok, I'm not in a modest mood......

So here she is, from now on she'll be called Edda and I already have some projects for her......

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