A new girl: Cecilia

I thought a lot about it, finally I made up my mind, I decided to buy two more dolls from 2013 IT Collection: before I wanted to be shure they were the most beautiful around (according to my taste of course).
So here she is, the first one was Nightfall Agnes.
I love the fact that she's a brunette with brown eyes, her colouring and her ponytail. It looks like we're going to have a lot of ponytails from IT in the near future! Anyway, I also loved the fact that she was tanned and came with a simple  makeup, I feel Agnes is often "overtoned".

She's really beautiful and with fuller red lips she doesn't even look so unhappy. Whit her socks on she could hardly wear her shoes, so after a couple of snapshots I took them off.

She felt better, and stood a lot better!

Dolls face sculpts seldom have nice profiles, but this one is an exception, she's stunning!

From now on she will be Cecilia, I haven't redressed her yet. Her minimalist little black dress is simply beautiful!!! But don't worry, she'll have her new wardrobe too!


  1. Oh my, she is GORGEOUS!!! Such a beautiful doll can make anything you put on them look stunning!!!! You are so right to have bought her. Love her handbag. I assume she came with it.

    1. She is, and I'm going to prepare something special for her. The handbag came with "Hot Property Natalia" she is another gorgeous doll and came with stunning accessories! But you're right, it looks like it was made just for this doll.