What has been going on, and some 2016 projects

Hello Everyone!
I'm more or less back, and I'm going to try to post regularly. I wanted to post this before the "Norma Desmonds" new chapter, but I wasn't able to take any pictures, and I didn't want the hiatus to be too long.

First of all I would like to thank Brini and Phyllis for tagging me for the Liebster Award. It was very sweet from both of you. I really appreciate it, but right now I don't feel like talking about me, it may sound silly, but right now I just want to chat about dolls.

Now I'm going to  show you what has been going on in my collection since november:

I played Frankendollie and rebodied my favourite Model Muse girls to FR2 Bodies:
Here are Maddalena, Matilde, Rebecca and Olga.

They are wearing samples of  the  girls' tartan collection, a steampunk outfit and a 30's dress (I needed a model for this dress, Olga stile will be different): I love them with these new bodies!!!!

Here Agata and Emilia are wearing the remaining outfifs from the girls' tartan collection

Of course I finished Tecla's wardrobe, but this will have a post of its own.

These are the new girls from IT 2015 collection:

Adalgisa (Tatiana) and Bice (Erin). They are absolutely beautiful. I love their honey coloured hair and I like a lot the new NuFace body!
They are wearing dresses from last Summer Collection.


This is Emilio, in his steampunk outfit. He's a shady character and I love his smirk!

I also ordered these three new guys who are on their way:




So I was two girls short and I've decided to mak a huge investment and ordered "Up all Night Lilith" (she' going to be called Edvige)

And Chrome Noir Erin (she's going to be called Priscilla)

With these dolls I feel like I really have all the characters I may need, both for modeling and stories. They are nearly too many and I'm starting loosing track of them! And I want to be able to play with them all!!!! So unless something incredible will happen (i.e. a JamieShow guy in 1/6 scale) I don't feel like adding anything more this year. Maybe it is because Lilith has been my grail doll for such a long time and now I just look forward to seeing her.

Last but not least, I sew a whole 30's wardrobe for Ofelia. Sometime  I'm going to write a noir story for her and Goffredo and she screamed for the right wardrobe to wear!!!

Here  is a sneak preview of the whole thing, hopefully I'll have time to take some nice B/W pictures of the girls wearing these outfits!

This is all for last three months events. You can see I haven't posted a lot but I sew like crazy!

Let's take a look to what I'm planning for 2016

This year destination for the Redhead Connection will be "Cinqueterre. This place is one of the landmarks you must not miss when visiting Italy, and they are not very far from where I live.

The Norma Desmonds are going to keep us company for a while, I've already written 6 chapters (I published two so far) and the story is unfolding nicely. I'm planning to use as many dolls as I can in the proceedings, so stay tuned!

As usual we are planning two trips this year, we have not decided yet, but we are really tempted to return to Santo Domingo in november, let's keep finger crossed....

In order to keep track of all the new girls and boys I'm going to add a page with all the "couples" and I'll leave on the "models" page only the MM unarticulated dolls. In the new page I'll also add a description with the original name of the doll.

Billina and Carlo will travel too, I'm still undecided about their destination too: it could be Mexico (in at least 3 instalments) or Uzbekisan and Jordan. What would you like best?

I have to spend some time on Billina's travelling wardrobe first, and I have all these new dolls to dress.....

I already  have an idea for the Summer Collection and also this year the models will present it in Japan. I only showed you Osaka and the temples this year, there's a lot more to see!

As I'm not making any progress on the Urban Cowboy collection I will probably introduce the guys with the dresses I've made so far, possibly I'll be able to make the one for Sebastiano, as I planned this as vehicle for him (poor guy, since he met Pietrina he's been living in her shadow).

As many of you loved Onofrio  I'm planning some very short stories about him.

The last project is the last chapter of Cecilia's quest for love, again I'm working on the outfits. So far I've made one and selected the other dresses. I also decided where this great event will take place.

If I'm going to put off half of what I have in mind I'll be very happy. They are so many this blog is starting to look like a job! LOL

I look forward to your comments and suggestions, I'll try to work first around the most popular ideas!

A huge Kiss


  1. Wow! That's a bunch of projects you have. Do you sell the dresses you make or do you do them for yourself only? I've never been to Cinque, but it's quite popular, I'd love to go next time I visit Italy.


    1. Hopefully some of these projects will become a reality! LOL
      I do the dresses for myself, I really couldn't find the time to make some to sell! Cinqueterre poularity is well deserved!

  2. These are very exciting plans to look forward to :-). The 1930s wardrobe is beautiful, what an elegant and feminine fashion it was back then, I love it! The rebody-ings look great, you're brave :-). I'm really looking forward to your blog year, with so many stories and new & old dolls! Big hugs xxx

    1. Thanks you Linda! The 30's wardrobe was real fun, I had to stop otherwise all the girls would have wound up in 30's dresses! It took all my courage to rebody those girls, and I'm so happy with them

  3. Your dolls must be happy to have so many great new clothes! And I'm happy that you are getting a doll you've wanted for a while. Have fun creating!

    1. My dolls are always looking for new clothes they are so demanding!
      Lilith arrived yesterday, she's so beautiful, I'll have to think about her style too.

  4. Oh, where to begin...I'm very excited about this post. I like your new guys. They have so much character in their faces. I look forward to seeing their interactions with the existing dolls. Edvige and Priscilla are both gorgeous. And I can relate to feeling like you have filled all needed roles. I'm *so* close. I just added two more characters I needed for story lines and I have one more on the way. I feared that one of my planned projects wouldn't be able to move forward, but I think I've managed to avoid at least one crisis. I'm psyched that you've written six chapters for The Norma Desmonds. I love the story. Your rebodied ladies look very happy. All of the wardrobes are coming along nicely. I will be watching eagerly as all of these projects unfold. P.S. Your travel plans sound great.

    1. Hi Jewell, thank you! The one thing I like about action figures is the range of different characters one can get! It never happened to me before to feel I have "all the dolls I need" but I've been planning stories for so long now and I've made so few of them that I really feel I have to play (and sew) more with the dolls I have.

  5. Wow, Billa, you have sooo many projects on the fire!!! I know what you mean about all the sewing behind the scenes. So much work goes into creating these blog posts. It really is a full time job!! Those Barbies with FR bodies are really cool and make a lot more sense than the other way around (FR on MM bodies--my big error!) Adalgisa and Bice are both very pretty and wonderful new additions to your collection as are Edvige and Priscilla. I love Tecla's plaid outfits as well as the dresses on the new IT girls. Emilio is a handsome devil as are the new fellows on their way to your home. You've amassed quite an eclectic and wonderful collection. You say, no more dolls unless you see something extraordinary. I've made the same resolution. (It's crowded over here!) But...it's only early February!! Will you continue with IT's W club?
    Your trips are always wonderful, so anywhere you want to take us and whatever stories you want to tell is okay by me!!

    1. Hi April, maybe they are too many! You're right behind each post there is a lot of work: thinking, planning, writing, sewing, photographing.....but it is really rewarding! Did you really rebody FR to MM....well it makes sense for sewing purposes, MM unposeable body is very handy, but poseable bodies are such fun to potograph!
      As you said I now have a very eclectic collection, and I feel I've just started playing with them.
      This year I've not decided yet if I'm going to join the WClub, actually the upgrade dolls are wonderful (apart from Poppy, but I'm not a huge fan of Poppy), propably I'll take the basic option as I already spent my annual doll allowance on Lilith....LOL
      I saw you got your grail doll too (Takeo) I'm looking forward to see what wardrobe you've chosen for him.
      As for the travels, I'm almost certain I will take you to Jordan (to begin with)...

  6. Yes, Billa, I did indeed stick an FR head on a MM body for precisely the reasons you guessed. Some clothes I make directly on the doll and the unmovable ones are easier to handle. Articulation drives me crazy...but, as you said--it's much more fun to photograph! That FR doll, eventually got an FR body! (I bended to pressure.) I think the Takeo doll will be able to wear more avant-garde men's styles from Japanese designers. Though he is handsome in his classic suit!)