Travelling Dolly 4: Odette in Egypt Part Two - Giza, The Red Sea and the Eastern Desert

Just one night in the desert and Odette is already  in need of some relax!
But first  she is going to pay a homage  to the great historical Egypt visiting the amazing Giza Plateau and the Sphinx!
Fashion by Billa - shoes by Paul Zangby - All photos by Sasha

High heels in the desert?!?!?

On route to Marsa Matrouh she stopped at Al Alamain, where two terrible battles of WWII were fought. This picture was taken at the Museum.

Just a brief stop in Marsa Matrouh for a glimpse of the Mediterranean Coast....not that bad, isn't it?

Fashion and shoes by Mattel, purse by Billa - all pictures by Sasha

And then she was off to the Red Sea.
To begin with:  the Resort is Amazig!

Is that a crocodile, or what?
And the beaches and sea too!

But she surely can't miss to take a peek at the Eastern Desert and at least a glimpse of the Bedouin culture!
Odette is in the mood to try to pull off some "Avedon's"....

This is the local camel market, not exaclty an inspirational experience,  camels are extremely important in Bedouin life, but these don't seem very happy. But animal markets are often a bit of an usettling experience,  sure this is a smelly one!!!

Wheren't they Elephants?
Keep trying......

You don't expect me to ride this, do you?

Ok Odette, some more sunbathing, you're such a lazy girl.

In the next instalment Odette's is going to begin her exploration of China!

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See you soon!


  1. Menuda pedazos de fotosssss es impresionanteee las tomas que has echo, te invito a mi blog que es variado http://cosasdecosturadecarmele.blogspot.com


    1. Glad you like it Carmen, it was a lot of fun! I checked your blog and it is so nice!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your doll's vacation in Egypt. And yes, it is perfectly normal for a fashionista to wear heels in the desert. A distant cousin of mine, once wore high heeled boots on an excursion somewhere in Africa. She thought about Saint Laurent's safari jacket and boots and figured it was the normal thing to wear on a safari!!!

    1. Thanks April! Your cousin is more "unwrinkable" than Odette!!! :-D
      I admire her, I hardly can make my way up the dunes with my desert boots!
      More travels to come!