The Norma Desmonds: what about Enrico?

Tecla: So where have you been hiding yourserlf?
Enrico: I'm sorry Tecla, I had to consider. About us, and the whole thing about the modeling agency. You see, I feel I really like this job, and Giovanna believes I've got talent as a model. Besides they are giving me these fancy clothes

Tecla: I think these clothes stinks, actually. They are simply awful.
Enrico: Your privilege, Tecla. I'm sure I want to give this new opportunity a try, they are paying me good money too.
Tecla: All right, I really don't bother. But remember I won't take you back when you'll come begging me after my new movie shall be released
Enrico: A new movie?
Tecla: Yes, and now it's time for you to go. Max! Accompany Mr. Enrico at the door.

Max: Yes Madam. Mr. Enrico, please come with me.
Enrico: Goodbye Tecla, and goodluck.
Tecla: I won't need luck, I'm a STAR!

Enrico is gone.

Tecla: Well Max, now that we're done with the beefcake, what's next on the agenda?
Max: You should call Mr Filippo at the atelier, Madame. To see if your new wardrobe is ready.
Tecla: I will do that right away. But before fix me some caviar and champagne

Tecla: Hallo Filippo

Filippo: Hallo Madame Tecla, how are you?

Tecla: Don't waste my time Filippo, how much it will take to that girl of yours to get my new wardrobe ready?
Filippo: The first two outfits are ready, Madame, the third is on her way. I'm sure you'll be very satisfied with Virginia's work. Everyting will be ready on schedule.

Tecla: I hope so, she didn't look really experienced for me. Anyway we shall see. Goodbye Filippo.
Filippo: Goodbye Madame Tecla.

Tecla hangs up

Max: Everything is all right, Madame?
Tecla: I think so. I think I should use another  drink Max. Fix me some more champagne. Then you can call that writer. What's his name, Nicola. I want to talk to him about the screenplay.
Max: I'll see to that Madame. Right away.

Later on

Max: Mr Nicola will be here later in the afternoon Madame.
Tecla: Very good, Max. I can always rely on you.
Max: You're too kind Madame.

In the afternoon

The trip to Dublin didn't help Nicola to get past his writer's cramp. He feels that writing a screenplay on specs might do the trick.

Tecla: I'm ready for my return, and I want you to help me with the script. It is going to be a movie about Salome
Nicola: Salome? Well there's been a new wave of historic blockbusters, doesn't sound a bad idea.
Tecla: It is a Great idea! and I'm going to play Salome
Nicola: Wow, I thought you were only going to be the producer....

Tecla: What do you mean by that? I'm going to be the executive producer, screenwriter and of course I'm going to star in it!!!
Nicola: Of course, how stupid of me. And you are going to direct it too?
Tecla: Max is going to direct it!
Max: Excuse me Madame, but I don't think is a good idea, this is going to be your return, you need a new director, acquainted with the new audiences. This is also the reason why you've asked  here Mr, Nicola.

Tecla: Oh yes, I almost forgot! Nicola, I would appreciate some suggestions for the director.
Nicola: In fact I have. And maybe also a cinematographer.
Tecla: Very good. I will see you all in a week's time from now. And I expect to get a ten pages treatment of the movie by that date.
Nicola: Well, is quite a short notice, but I'll manage.
Tecla: See you next week then. Goodbye Nicola.
Nicola: Goodbye Madame.

Tecla: Everything is going as expected, Max. Now I have to wait for my new wardrobe, get the ten pages treatment and go visit Luchino. He has to produce this one!
Max: He will Madame, he will.

In the meantime at the Mexican Bar

Corrado: Hi man, how did it go?
Enrico: I'm a free man! It all went smooth as silk. That lady is crazy, she's planning to do a movie
Corrado: Well man, looks like you missed the chance to star in it, don't you?


  1. Loved this! I know Tecla is just plain nuts, but I like her. That Max is a handsome fellow.

    1. Thank you Jewell, I like Tecla too, she's an over the top crazy gal! Max is a wonderful character too (a Bracket&Wilder character)

  2. Tecla is definitely a Hollywood diva! Love how she commands everyone to do her bidding all from her lounger. She is running Max ragged! Great story!

    1. LOL, don't worry Max is used to it, he can endure, and he will!
      I'm happy you liked it, this is my first story and all comments and suggestions are welcome!

  3. Tecla is a hand full for sure. Enrico did the right thing. I think Nicola may be in for more than he bargained for.

    1. Hi Vanessa, Enrico made it just in time, as for Nicola maybe is going to learn a couple of things before this story will be over.
      I hope Billy Wilder won't come and visit me at night because of what I'm going to do with his brainchild...LOL

  4. BING! You hit the nail on the head with this one. Tesla....oh Tecla.....I think I see her flying over the coo coo's nest! I just love Max....He's the coolest "enabler" around. Staying tuned.....

    1. Thank you Brenova, I love Max's character, he's got a lot of possibilities. Enrico managed to avoid to end up like Joe Gillis, but who's actually going to fall into Tecla wicked world?
      Max will be able to play the "mastermind" behind all this?
      I love to play with this story! LOL

  5. Wow, Billa, you really did a great job on this post....dialogue, story and all! I must say, Tecla is an amazing character. Love how her accessories match the furniture! But I don't agree with her about the clothes. I think the wardrobe is pretty nice. But tell me...is the "new girl" better than you at making clothes!!??!! (LOL!!!)

    1. Thank you April, I told you I wanted to play a bit with my dolls! Just imagine how hard it is to find a way to put a leopard accent in each dress I'm making for her! LOL
      You know Tecla, she doesn't trust anything "new". Furthermore, "the new girl" uses a machine to sew the dresses....LOL
      You'll get a chance to see the completed Atelier diorama soon

  6. Hello from Spain: I love your boys suits. The red checkered dress is gorgeous. A great story. Nice photos. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta, thank you so much, I'm so happy you liked Enrico's dress. When Sasha saw his outfit he asked me why I dressed Enrico with a horse blanket!!!!

  7. This is great Billa. The characters are really good, that Tecla is something else isn't she :-). I love Max, he's a very cool guy. Enrico's suit is awesome, not a horse blanket, guys don't know anything about fashion (yes looking at you Sasha ;-D)! LOL for the beefcake remark :-D! Great job on your first story!

    1. Thank you Linda, I already have 4 more chapters ready (I have to take te pictures, but the story is there) and I have a lot of fun!
      I have to tell Sasha, but I'm sure he will never wear a Rag&Bones outfit...LOL

  8. Clap, clap, clap! How cool that you were able to this with your dolls in their bookcase.

    1. Hi Muff! I was thinking about making a background and setting up everything, then I got lazy and decided that the whole story will be photographed in the bookcase!