Carlo: Mad about the boy 1

Carlo (Lukas Style Strategy) has arrived home a week ago, I'm still working at his wardrobe and waiting for his shoes....but I couldn't restist to present him, as he is so incredibly beautiful!!

This doll has a perfect screening and I really like his frowning attitude: he's the perfect contrary of Ken, maybe this did the trick with my prejudice about male dolls.

The setting of these pictures is the Whitcomb Hotel in San Francisco....I love this particular place in the whole big world....

And as he has no clothes a hotel room seemed a perfect place to show off his underwear!!!

and here's a closeup.....as I'm working hard at my first men's fashions I cant' resist taking photographs of this Guy....
Oh Sasha, don't be jealous, rember:  he's mini you!!!!! LOL

Sasha says that if he's mini him he has to be a sampdoria supporter:

A sexy one of course!!!!

Happy St. Valentine Day!!!

Our  soundtrack y:  Dinah Washington singing Mad About the Boy by Noel Coward:

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