Back from Santo Domingo!

Hello Everybody, we're back from Santo Domingo! In fact we've been back for almost a week now, but unpacking, washing, catching up with everyday chores and getting back to work kept us very busy!

Thank you all for all the nice messages and comments. We had a great time, and we really feel to reccomend Bayahibe to everyone who needs a real vacation (and loves sunbathing and swimming).

I must tell you readjusting to everyday's life is proving pretty tough this time. A completely "dumb" kind of vacation can do this for you! LOL

Here are a couple of nice shots we've taken and  yes, this places are for real!

To prove you that I haven't been completely lazy here is a new guy: Eugenio, in his complete outfit. He's got a Leonardo di Caprio facesculpt on a Coomodel narrow shoulder tall body.  I like this informal style and I'm going to make more of these. It's going to be called the "frugal collection".

And she's Greta, she came naked as I was only interested in the doll (she's named after Greta Garbo of course). For the time being she's going to wear a FR outfit from the "Funny Face" collection. Courtesy of Virginia.

As I told you I will not have a lot of time to dedicate to photomontages. And I'll have to  slow down the posting. But I've been able to write down some outlines for new Tecla's adventures and thanks to the diorama rooms they will be easy to set up and to photograph. Boys and girls are going to "come to life" with some real stories!

Carlo and Billina have changed to winter clothes and they look forward for some Christmas photosession.

You can see Bartolomeo in the foreground. He's wearing a partial Chanel outfit I've been working on and that will be displayed in springtime, along with a new chapter of Cecilia's quest for true love! He's visiting while waiting until I'll be finished with the fashion figures guys. He's not happy but he's an artist so he understands....

Let's have a look at what the other girls and boys are doing (I'm writing their names as I'm loosing control over "the modes" page):

The traveller's room needs some work, I have to fix those awful seats! Vittoria is so comfortable in her Frida Kahlo's outfit she's not changed yet. Ofelia is wearing a new trouser suite, Goffredo and Pietro are sporting two outfits from the Tobacco Road collection.

Finally Vittorio has got some books for his historian work (he needs a History Professor suit), Emilia is not thrilled but she will enjoy them (with time) . Besides she's got a new trousers suite, so she's happy enough. Cesare is still waiting for his jacket but at least his shirt is complete and he's got new shoes. I feel this room is complete, I'm thinking over the possibility to add a wall with octoman designs.

The games room is ok, it is still waiting for a new painting. Nicola and Giorgia are enjoying each other company, while Orso Maria and Omero are pretty bored. But I'm planning some action for them!

The Atelier is complete! Now Filippo has got his outfit (no socks yet, but I'm working on some possibilies). I think this room rocks!

Happy Family! LOL, they deserve a soap opera of their own....

Here you can see Max, he is arrived and Tecla (who's not in the picture) is sooooo thrilled!

Odette and Attilio are getting along fine!

I just wanted to show the new library I added to Sebastiano's room, he's also got an old fashioned stereo. This room is finished too it just needs to be cleaned a bit...

Last but not least after only 5 days since our return I was hit with a terrible back strain and I've been bedridden for three days.  Now I'm back on my two feet thanks to cortisone injections, but I don't feel quite well yet.

Side effect from the return from the Caribbeans, I'm still waiting for my Sweeney Todd guy to arrive (this week hopefully):

He'll be called Onofrio, still trying to guess why he's sprayed with blood.....gosh....

But since we returned I couldn't resist the impulse and had to oder a Jack Sparrow head:

He'll be called Emilio (I think)

I still have to introduce you to another guy (Corrado) but I'm still working on his outfit.

I hope you all are doing great and I'll try to catch up with the reading.



  1. Okay, so I'm torn now between Onofrio and Eugenio LOL! Glad you had a grand time, dear! Hugs!

    1. Hi Shasha, I know it is hard to pick a favourite, I believe that when Onofrio will be here and in full regalia it will be easier!

    2. So excited for you! :)

    3. More new projects aon their way.....I've just ordered a couple of Victoire Roux spare bodies to swap some MM Barbies heads on them!

  2. Hi Billa! Glad to read you had a wonderful time in paradise (wow, the pictures!!!). Your doll families and friends groups are so interesting, and the to-be-added guys are awesome! I can't wait to see what kind of character the blood stained Sweeney Todd will become! I wish you much success at work, not too much stress, and some time to relax this month! Big hugs & kisses xxx

    1. Hi Linda, you're so right it was paradise, if one likes sunny beaches this is the place to cure any black shadows! They are not all the dolls but I like to share their feelings with you, as you know a lot of things happen in the doll room while we are not there....LOL
      I think Onofrio (Sweeney Todd) will be Costanza's sociopatic brother (and so we shall explain the stroke of strangeness in Armando - Costanza's son) But I'm still working on that...
      I'll do my best to manage at work, it's not the first time we have to "roll up our sleeves" and it is just a matter of keeping focus.
      A huge kiss!

    2. Ha! A sociopath sounds awesome (mmm... that didn't come out right LOL!!!). I mean, in doll size of course! It certainly will be very interesting to read more about this family!

    3. Well a kind of sociopath, I must find something nice. Something on the lines Arsenic and old Lace, or "the royal family of broadway"....They are an interesting family indeed, and they are so frightfully close to me when I sleep.....

  3. Great to see you've returned. Your new male doll is a real hottie! I like Greta too. She's a real class act! Altogether you've got quite an interesting collection of characters. Will be curious to see how you work with them. Big hugs.

    1. Even my mother was impressed by Eugenio, actually he looks a lot better than the real Di Caprio....LOL
      Greta with her strange hairdo reminded me of Garbo in Queen Cristina, and she will fit fine in the new stories. I've already outlined a plot, and I think I'll be able to use most of the main characters, I feel I have to play with them.
      I've also started sewing clothes that are more "costumes" than collections, in fact I'm working to find the "perfect style" for each doll and character. It is interesting.

  4. Welcome back (I'm al late)LOL
    The cast makes me want to hurry into their back stories! I, for one, am waiting on the edge for the stories.

    1. Hi Brenova, never late as I was posting this! finally my backache is going better, and I've nearly finished the first instalment of the story. I have a general outline, I'm getting the dresses ready, and I hope the new guys shall arrive soon!

  5. Where did you get the lace-up shoes on your dolls? Do you make those? I'm looking for a pattern to make my own Converse sneakers for Ken dolls. That's why I ask.

    1. Hi Chelly, those are DID toys lace up shoes (hollow no pegs) for action figures. I found a bunch of them on ebay and bought them all! April has got a tutorial for lace up shoes for Ken here: http://fashiondollstylist.blogspot.it/.../12/fancy-feet.html

  6. Your vacation photos look stunning! Sunshine really does heal the soul, doesn't it? I love your new Emilio face...I am such a lush over Johnny Depp :) Glad to see your dolls were still having fun while you were away :) I hope your back continues to feel better!

    1. Hi Farrah, Santo Domingo is stunning! Very soon (next week post) you will see Onofrio: the first guy with a Johnny Deep face to reach the house. I'm still waiting for Mr Postman to deliver Emilio and his body. Dolls always have fun, and they always plot and plan something new!
      My back is still giving me some problems but it is going better, so I'll just have to keep on with my cure and be patient. Thank you!