Onofrio comes home

 Luchino: So your brother is coming to live here
Costanza: I'm so happy. He's preparing a new play or something like that.
Luchino: Well, if you're so happy, but he always seemed a bit odd to me.
Costanza: You're so narrow minded Luchino, it's just his a true artist, and a great theater actor. And in the end they are just Tattoos.
Luchino: Like blood stains on his face? All right, all right. We won't get started on this,  but he's not going to be a good influence on Armando, he already spends enough time reading crime novels.
Costanza: I believe he will be good for the boys. He will take them out and maybe they could even meet some girls....at long last!

Onofrio: Hello Sweethearts! I'm home! What's you name darling dear?
Mafalda: Mafalda sir, I'm the maid
Onofrio: You're a jewel, darling dear. Please take these and put them somewhere. Hallo!!!! Anybody's here to welcome the homecoming warrior?

Luchino: Costanza tells me you're preparing a new play?
Onofrio: Well, just a reprise of my famous Richard the III!
Luchino: Oh, so you needed to come home to prepare a reprise?

Onofrio: To be honest, old man, there was a lady in Paris, and one in Rome and somewhat they both got the strange idea I was going to marry each of them, so I had this idea to accept this reprise close to home and made my famous disappearing act!

Mafalda hates the guy
Luchino: I thought it had to be something like that
Costanza: Onofrio, Richard the III such a great part
Onofrio: Thank you little sister, it will be nice to  a permanent base in between theater engagements and tournees.

Luchino: And a secure hiding place.
Onofrio: Where are the kids?

Armando & Taddeo: Uncle Onofrio! This is great!
Onofrio: Good to see you boys, you can go and get your darling dear maid to fix a drink for your old uncle? Adelaide, little princess, come on and hug your old uncle!

Luchino: Now he's here, and I already feel like I've been struck by a tornado
Costanza: Luchino, you have no reason to be so stuck up with Onofrio, you saw it for yourself: he wears socks!

Family group

As you've seen there's nothing to be worried about, Onofrio is just a flamboyant and careless theater actor. Here's a picture of him in his outfit, I believe steampunk is perfect for him.


  1. Onofrio is something else. Luchino will keep an eye on him, no doubt. At least the children are happy to see their uncle.

    1. Luchino will have his hands full with Onofrio around the house! Onofrio's character is inspired by the main character of "the royal family of Broadway" played by Fredric March (a 1930 movie) and he's the typical flamboyant theater star, also known as "the ham"....I love him!

  2. Oooooh....Onofrio is really handsome!!!! (I like his clothes, too!) But what a character....a really lady's man. Love that room, Billa. With the paisley and oriental patterns of the furnishings, the room is simply sumptuous!!!!

    1. Hi April, that used to be the earth room, then I found that scrap of furniture fabric, et voilà! Now it is very warm and lavish!
      I like Onofrio a lot too, he turned out to be very interesting!

  3. This is hilarious! It's like one of those mid-century novels where everybody is polite but endlessly full of subtext. How Onofrio comes out depends whether it's a comedy of manners or a tragedy. He's quite the looker, though -- no wonder he's running away from marriage proposals!

    1. Hi Smaller Places, that is exactly the general idea, I think it will turn out lika comedy of manners, maybe a dark comedy....Onofrio is a bit of a troublemaker, I feel he's running away from a lot of things! LOL

  4. I met a few "Onofrio" types when I was in theater (and loved their over-the-top flamboyance). They are always the life of the party but someone always gets extremely annoyed by them. Mafalda had better keep her guard up and her bedroom door locked! Ooops, did I say that?!?! Great story

    1. Hi Brenova, is the Barrymore stereotype, I love this kind of character, in a play, in real life they are pretty annoying!
      Mafalda will be on the watch, she's very resourceful....

  5. Haha, awesome! The conversation is very funny and entertaining! What a great idea to make Onofrio an actor with tattoos, and maybe he can have some gentle latent psychopathic characteristics too, mmm??? (just kidding ;-D ). Again a great job Billa, I can't wait to see more of your different family stories!

    1. Hi Linda, you want me to show my hand too soon, we've just started scratching the surface of Onofrio's kaleidoscopic personality!
      Writing stories is really funny, it takes time (and ideas) but I'm working!
      Having to write stories I have a lot of new ideas for dresses too!

  6. This is so funny! I love your quirky characters like Tecla and Onofrio best of all. They leave me wanting to see more of them.

    1. Hi Jewell, I'm glad you liked this, and my quirky characters in general! It looks like I have a knack for crazy doll's personalities...LOL
      It's very funny to write about them