Travelling dolly 5: Odette in China - The North: Beijin and X'ian

Odette rested a lot in her last travel, all those beaches and pools.....so now  she's bound for a truly bold voyage: China!!! When you visit a country like this, so vast it could be a continent by itself, you can't go wrong. China is rich in history, art, culture, nature and PEOPLE!
It allows the western tourist a healthy change of perspective on a lot of things, it forces you to change your frantic pace and in the same time it makes you wonder about China's own frantic pace. In a country where modernity and velocity tries to live along with thousands of years history, skyscrapers and mandarine's gardens, crowded working class districts and the forbidden city, the immense peace of the rice fields and the quiet majesty of the Li River and the endless suburbs and heavily trafficked  higways  of Beijing and Shanghai.

China is all of this, and a lot more! Odette and I have a huge task in front of us:  we shall try to give you a  rough idea of this wonderful country

Odette picked her brand new fashion and off she is in Beijing!!!
Her first goal shall be the historical buildings in the town, the remains of the imperial capital.

Outside the Temple of Heaven, hundreds of people excercise themselves with tai-chi, gimnastic...

Temple of Heaven's public gardens - Picture by Sasha - Hat by Mattel - Shoes Paul Zangby
...or endless majiong games.

Temple of Heaven's public gardens - picture by Billa
The Temple of Heaven was a temple reserved to the Emperor and his family, where he performed the yearly rituarls required to maintain the universal order. This magnificent building is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests 
Temple of Heaven - picture by Sasha
Odette is quite impressed by these guards on the Tiananmen Square, so she tries to look "martial".......The guards thinks she is not quite convincing

Tiananmen Square - picture by Sasha

The square is named after the Tiananmen gate (Gate of Heavenly Peace) located to its North, separating it from the Forbidden City. You can see the Gate in the background (with the huge Mao Tze Dong portrait). This guard was very amiable and agreed to pose with Odette

Gate of Heavenly Peace - picture by Sasha

The Forbidden City is an amazing complex of buildings, temples, public halls and private houses for the Emperor and his wives and concubines. Everything is so carefully restored it looks like its inhabitants just left for a vacation......

Forbidden City - picture by Sasha
Well, here's one of the vacation places of the Imperial family. This is the marble barge in the Summer Gardens the Empress Dowager used to treat herself in a luxurious fashion. Just Odette's style!

Sumer Garden - picture by Sasha
And this is  a glimpse of modern China: The Bird's Nest, the Olympic stadium. 

Olympic Village - picture by Sasha
Now is time for a trip in a rickshaw to visit old Beijin!

Rickshaws: Beijin Old Town - picture by Billa
This is the inner court of an ancient house, these houses are under the protection of the government and they are preserved in spite the huge value of terrain (luckily as the remains of ancient China are not that many....)

Beijin Old Town - picture by Billa
This place is so lovely, along the river are a maze of old houses, bistrots and restaurant. This city is efferfescent with young people, art and music! And great food!!!!

Beijin Old Town - picture by Billa&Sasha

On her second day in China Odette is going to visit the Great Wall! 

Great Wall - picture by Billa
Speechless.....this place is a miracle....

Great Wall - picture by Sasha
Now is time to leave the capital. Odette heads for the first capital of the Chinese Empire: Xi'an.
These are the original (heavily restored, but yet, impressive) walls of the town. The Silk road started here!!!

Xi'an Town Walls - picture by Billa
The Wild Goose Pagodas are two astounding architectural examples of Chinese Buddhist Pagodas

The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda...

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda - picture by Billa
....the Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Small Wild Goose Pagoda - picture by Billa
Just outside Xi'an there's one of the most impressive archeological sites of the world: The Terracotta Army!!!

Terracotta Army - picture by Billa
On the next instalment Odette is going to explore the south of China! (Travelling dolly 6 is now online)

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See you soon!


  1. Great travelogue. Your photoshop skills are most impressive.

    1. Thanks Muff, it's not easy but it's such a lot of fun!!!

  2. Lucky Odette!! And she travels so stylishly! What Photoshop!!??!! Between you and me, we both know that Odette was REALLY walking around all those landmarks in China. (I'm sure she traveled via Dolly Jet Express!!! It's how my dolls travel when they're on their own!)

    1. Yes, she's so lucky she does also the travels I haven't been able to do yet! I'm a bit envious...You caught me April, in fact Odette is actually in China and Carlo is the photographer....guess your girs met them at the airport! It's the only way you should know! :-D (I love the Dolly Jet Express)

  3. I enjoyed each and every picture, a lovely post!!! It's such an intriguing part of the world, thanks for sharing all those photos of these magnificent places! You do wonders with Photoshop, it's very realistic :-). Lately I'm fond of playing the Mahjong game on the PC, it was funny to see the men playing on the picture.

    1. Thanks Nymphaea, I'm glad you liked it (more to come!). China is indeed a wonderful country, I bought a Mahjong case but is quite a complicated game, and even if the rules resemble a bit the ones of the Canasta (a card game) I haven't been able to learn it yet! This "travelling dolly" project is very close to my heart as it combines my two great passions: travel and dolls!!!

  4. Awesome photos! I too, am impressed with your Photoshop skills. Love her cute little outfit, too.

    1. Thanks Vanessa....awesome places! photomotages comes easily with such backdrops! and I love playing with them.
      I'm pretty proud of this outfit too. I'm glad to see your comments here Vanessa, this means you're feeling better.
      Lots of kisses to you and "family"