A new girl: Giada

Supposedly she will be the last entry from the older collections, just like for the Agnes sculpt it took me a long time to pick my Eugenia.
Thanks to missJay I finally made my decision. I don't really like velvet eyes but all the rest was so beautiful I felt I could overcome this minor fault.
First thing: her hair!!!! I love redheads,  I started collectint IT dolls because of their beautiful redheads!

After all the eyes are not so annoying and her makeup is really soft, expecially the lips. I really appreciate this because I didn't choose Deconstruction Site Eugenia because I was put off by her lips (really she looks like she has an enflatable dinghy in the middle of her face! I know I didn't have this problem with Caterina - Tatyana, it depends from the overall face sculpt I suppose)

So I have to say that has it usually happened the real doll looked even more beautiful than the pictures of her I saw!
A few words on the outfit: is wonderful, love this shade of green and the model reminds me something from Dior I've seen somewhere.

Also the shoes and jewels are amazing!

From now on she will be called Giada, and yes, shes BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  1. Giada is very beautiful, I like her hair too! I looked up the Deconstruction Site Eugenia, her lips are to much, I like the pink lips of Giada much better. The shoes are fabulous!!!

    1. I'm so happy with her that I gave up Montaigne Market Elise, I think she's my perfect redhead!!!

  2. The new addition to your family is ravishing! She is so elegant! One of the reasons I too, am drawn to FR dolls is the diversity of their looks and hairstyles. Though I don't as yet have one of those red-head Irish beauties yet. The green dress looks really good on her. And to think, she made her way to you just in time for St. Patrick's Day!!!!

    1. Hi April, I didn't think of making a St. Patrick's Day entry....this is such a lovely idea.
      FR offer quite a wide range of looks and hairstyles, they are a true source of inspiration!