vintage dress patterns

Apart from movies and coutourier's collections, the main source of inspiration for doll fashions comes from old dress patterns like Burda, Butterick, Simplicity and McCall's. I understand these publications were hugely popular up until the early 80's. Besides being an interesting way to look at our recent past (a bit like reading advertisements from old magazines), you just has to browse a bit  to find tons of great ideas.

For instance, I instantly was captivated by this one:

and here it is, presented by Maddalena, Carla and Tecla.....it fits all three beautifully, this Liberty fantasy is absolute elegance, and  the Loboutin shoes looks like they were just made for it.U sually Barbie Shoes are pretty awful but this shoe pack was worth every dollar I spent on it.

isn't she the sweetest thing?

yes, I know,  she has ugly teeth but I find her intriguing in a strange sort of way

Carla, AKA Dolly Forever, the queen of MM Molds

A few words of advice if any of you is thinking about starting to sew your own doll fashion (based on my experience): start with this fabric. This is a Liberty Cotton cloth, it is strong (doesn't easily fall apart when cut), easy to fold and press, and comes in beautiful and elegant fantasies. Even the simplest dress looks gorgeous!!!!

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