urban chic....an original design

The  Nichelle face scuplt is amongst Mattel's most intriguing ones, along with the other two "Daria" and "Marisa" of the Model of the Moment MM line. But the Pirate Barbie Doll I own is also one of the hardest to dress in an effective way. She (Olga) is a pale doll, with light cherry lips and dark eye makeup, the long black/red hair with braids and the golden eyes don't help either.

Nevertheless it is a realistic and beautiful sculpt,with her wonderful high cheekbones,  and I tried several designs and colours for her, but nothing satisfied me. Until I thought of this:

accessories by The Vogue HK

A simple grey cachemere minidress, with high collar, a grey medium lenght jacket (a 60's design) with cachemere details and high crimson boots with matching bag.

Now she's perfect, it seems to me I've found the right mix of understatement (the simple line, the colour of the dress) and aggressiveness, that reprises and enhances her general looks.


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