Travelling Dolly 10: Odette in Oman part 3

For the third and last part of Odette's adventures in Oman I remembered a promise I made about the quality of the pictures. For as interesting travel pictures might be, I believe they can also be really boring. So, before starting posing Odette and Carlo I made a full immersion in Avedon's fashion pictures.
This is what I came out with. I think the whole thing  looks a lot better!

In this last istalment Odette and Carlo are going to show you the diffrent environments and landscapes of Oman. Let's talk about diversity: here you can find the emptiest desert, the lushest wadis  and amazingly vibrant beaches!!!

Odette is modeling a comfortable jumpsuit (you can find the jumpsuit tutorial at April's here). At first I was planning to follow a Michael Kors's model, then something went terribly wrong with the collar. So I changed a bit the overall line and now it is an original Billa's, I'll try again the Michael Kors's with another kind of fabric. Odette will need some new urban safari outfits pretty soon!
Carlo is cozy in his bermuda shorts and a IT T-shirt.

Wahiba Sands
the Wahiba Sands are in the south-eastern part of Oman, they are the gate to the "empty quarter" the most desolate desert of the arabic peninsula. They are named after the Bedu tribe that still inhabits them, with their herds of camels.

In the natural light the sands are pink, so this is the third coloured desert visited by Odette, after the white and black desert of Egypt. Too bad that the camera renders an orange nuance!

You can tell you're in the desert when you find a road sign like this!

The 1000 Nights Camp is great place to stay: Odette and Carlo slept in a real beduin style tent with attached brick toilet and shower: one can have a hot shower under the open sky!

Whadi Bani Khalidsands
This is one huge Wadi! A Wadi is a Oasis around a river, this one is spectatular, actually there is a trek that leads from the Wadi to Muscat. People comes here during the festivities to have  picnics, while tourists prefer to take a plunge in the fresh waters.

Bibi Mariam's Tomb is the only standing  remnant of the ancient city of Qalhat. In fact the origins of this structure are obscure, as it stands alone among the dilapidated ruins of the rest of the city. It looks like there are some archeological dig in the area, but we couldn't spot any activity going on. Anyway is a great place to see!

Wadi Tiwi is a fascinating Tiwi, is a very long valley, punctuated with water polls, vegetable gardens and small villages.

A first sighting of the ocean from Wadi Shab, I can't resist these mushroom shaped rocks, have to photograph them anywhere I see one!

Odette and Carlo didn't have the chance to take a swim in the ocean, but just look at this beach! This beautiful spot is located halfway on the coastal road between Sur and Muscat.

Bimma Sinkhole is an incredible place. A local legend says it was formed by a meteor, but in fact this sinkhole occurred naturally by limestone erosion and collapse of the rocks.

They are back from Oman now, and Odette is posing with a chosen selection of souvenirs: a coffee pot, a clay turtle, a box carved in camel bone and and the thing for which Oman has been famous for ages: incense!  It smells wonderfully!

Next time Odette and Carlo will take us to Mexico!
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See you soon


  1. Interesting blog. Always nice to encounter new blogs.

  2. That shorts outfit is just stunning!

    1. Hi Smaller Places. I love jumpsuits, and I admit I wish I was able to sew one for me!
      here's the link to April's tutorial for the basic pattern, the polar bear club should need one of these: http://fashiondollstylist.blogspot.it/2014/10/jumpstart.html
      Kisses Billa

  3. How fascinating! That place is gorgeous. I must admit I was feeling a little thirsty reading this post. Odette looks very comfortable in her jumpsuit, but I don't know how she made that trip in those high heel (but gorgeous) boots.

    1. Yes, it is a fascinating country indeed. And the sudden appearance of water always looked like a bit of a miracle each time.
      You know Odette, she's the original fashionista. You can check her outfit when she visited the Pyramids!!!

  4. Oh Billa, your photos are anything but boring. They are breath-taking!!!! And so it that gorgeous jumpsuit you made for Odette! The fabric is beautiful. Thank you again for the shout-out! Big hugs from Paris.

    1. Hi April, thank you so much, the subjects are breath-taking, I only hope to do them some justice, but I'm never quite satisfied with my photos. I agree with you, this fabric is beautiful and fits nicely on dolls. If you don't mind I will keep adding the links to your tutorials, I learn so much thanks to your blog, I feel the need to share!
      Have a great time in Paris!
      Kisses Billa

  5. Wow... Oman is such a beautiful place indeed, as you captured them in your beautiful shots, Billa... I just watched a feature of a part of Afghanistan that has beautiful rivers, too... I never really had given enough time to read about these countries but your photos are just so inspiring =) Thank you for sharing your view with us :)

    1. Oman was a really above our expectations, but we had many wonderful surprises during our trips to the Middle-East and central Asia. Afganistan would be a great place too, but it is such an unfortunate country. Another great place is Syria. We had the chance to visit Syria three years ago, and our hearts are bleeding for the wonderful people we met there since the beginning of the war.
      I love to share my travels through Odette & Carlo and the rest of the crew, for me is a way to remember and keep on travelling when I'm home working!
      Kisses Billa

  6. Hello from Spain: I like very much your pics. Afanistán is a interesting place. Great couple. We keep in touch