Hommes fashion tutorial: trousers

Sebastiano is going to be this month's star. So he's  helping me modeling the trousers for this tutorial. These are part of the Tartan craze collection.

Let's strart with what we need for the trousers:
Fabric, pins, needle, tone sur tone thread and snap fasteners.
First I'm going to show you the pictures of the slopers I've made, along with a meter.

These measurements fit FR Homme dolls.
When I started sewing garment for guys, the first question was: how to draw a pattern for trousers? Here's the answer:

And here's the pattern adapted to a doll's needs, of course one front and one rear for each leg!

Then hem the whole thing, fold the pocket and cut a piece of fabric for the inside pocket:

Here you can see the pocket attached to the front of the leg. Then we put the front and rear together, I usually draw the desired sewing line with chalk

of course we try it on Sebastiano to check the fitting.

Now we can take the measurement for the bottom hem of the trousers, we fold it and sew

And here comes the thing that drew me crazy until I found this tutorial: how the heck do you sew the two legs together?!?!!?
1) turn one of the legs outside out

2) insert the turned leg inside the other

3) fix the crotch with needles and draw the sewing line with chalk

4) These trousers will open on the back, so sew the whole lenght of the front and halfway in the back:

5) Let's turn the whole thing outside out and "et voità":

a perfect fit

But of course, we're not finished yet, we have to add the waistband. Let's take the right measurement on the fitted trousers

Fold and hem on the sides (inside out)

Turn outside out and hem the bottom

Sew the waistband to the trousers

of course we have to sew a snap-fastener on the waistband

Now our trousers are complete!

Sebastiano is ready for a walk in the highlands

Kisses Billa


  1. Sebastiano is a gorgeous model. Pleasure as always to see him ;-)

    Thanks for the trouser sewing tips. I must confess, I am lazy so when I sewed trousers, I used patterns with two pieces - one for each leg. I appreciate how you get a closer fit by using four pieces. And the pocket, too. Adorable!

    1. Hi D7ana, one can never have enough of Sebastiano!
      I too sewed my first trousers with a two pieces pattern, but the guys are as bad as the girls as far as fitting is concerned. I had to learn how to make a fit that could allow them to wear a shirt!
      Same for the pockets. I used to embroider fake ones. FR guys have a limited range of movements, but they can put their hands in the pockets, so I figured out a simple way for realistic (but hollow) pockets. Anyway, they don't have to carry keys or change!
      More ambitious Hommes fashion tutorial coming next fall!
      Kisses Billa

  2. Great tutorial, Billa. And Sebastiano is such a handsome model. I haven't been as attentive to the guys when it comes to wardrobe. But I've promised the guys more clothes this summer. You did such a great job on those trousers!!!!

    1. Thanks April! I discovered that male fashion can be as interesting as female's, in fact is my main passion at the moment.