Liebster Award reprise and a mixed bag of dioramas in progress

I've been already nominated for the Liebster Award, but Brenova was so sweet to nominate me again, so I'm not going to go over the whole thing again (I don't have any more random facts to give about me!!! LOL)  but I'm going to answer her 11 questions!

1. How did you start blogging?

I had been sewing and photographing for almost a year and  starting a blog seemed a good way to give a "shape" to what I was doing and sharing it with people who had the same hobby

2. Which Blogger inspires you?

I can't really name just one, I see a lot of interesting things on other people's blogs. The one original thing I do and the thing I like best is photomontages of the dolls into my travel's photographs.
A nice way to occupy my spare time and relish my old travels.

3. Did you get support from your family and friends when you started?

Well, they were not horrified, Shasha was amused, but was so nice to put up with it. My sister is fashinated.

4. What is the inspiration for the stories on your blog?

I'm really bad at writing original stories (I really don't have the time for proper writing, in spite I have lots of ideas) so I usually use novels or movies as inspiration for photosessions.

5. Do you have a dedicated space to write your blog or stage dioramas?

I "work" in my study, where I have my dolls, dios, books, movies, and loads of memorabilia and pictures from our travels.

6. What are your favorite things to write about?

Travels of course!

7. How many dolls do you own?

This is a hard one, I really don'k know now, I believe 60....

8. How long have you been blogging?

Two years and a half, when I become obsessed about it a take a little time off to recharge.

9. Do you have a lot of inventory and props for staging?

Not really a lot, but I have collected a few in this last year. I don' have much space so I try to pick only the things I really "need"

10. Can you see the miniature in most things?

Lately I'm getting better at this

11. What’s next for you and your blog?

More photomontages and hopefully hard boiled novels themed posts....

Thank you again Brenova!

Now, let me give you some uptades about the crew over here and the things that have been going on. I haven't had much spare time in the last month, and october is hardly going to be better. But I've managed to put togheter some outfits and I'm going on with my "scenes".

Here's the fashion atelier:

You can see that Filippo still hasn't got a complete outfit, but I collected all the pieces I needed to set up the diorama.

The game room:

Orso Maria and Omero are obsessive chess players. I have to change the painting on the wall.

The new "Norma Desmond Lounge":

You can see that Geremia is now our resident butler (Max is not going to arrive, I think) and he's perfect for the part. On the new chaise you can see our new guy: Agostino, he's the one smoking the cigar.

I have to update "The Models" page because a lot of new characters are missing!

This is the hearth room:

As you see now Luchino has got a vest and a chain watch, little Adelaide has got a dress and shoes, Taddeo has a new cruise suit (I think this is perfect for him) and let me introduce you to their maid: Mafalda.

I've moved the mexican bar to another shelf as it kept falling down (which caused me a lot of stress) and Odette is checking it up, il looks like both Attilio and Giulio are happy to meet her!

See you soon!


  1. Hello, Agostino! Very nice to see you ... very nice indeed.

    I like how your butler and your maid dress formally. Elegant service. Classy.

    Thanks for sharing more information in the form of the Liebster Award.

    1. Hi D7ana, isn't he a doll? LOL
      the butler and maid are dressing in 30's uniforms, I was tempted by Edwardian style, but they would have looked too outdated.

  2. Loved your answers! I also like your new dios. Plus, you new action figure men are fitting in quite nicely!

    1. Hi Phyllis, I'm very pleased with how the action figures are fitting in, they don't stand out that much and add a bit of realism!

  3. Great answers! I love that your dolls have house personnel, that's so cool :-). The rooms look great, your dioramas are beautiful to look at. xxx

    1. Hi Linda, you know Costanza and Tecla needed qualified personnel, they are real divas!
      Thank you so much!

  4. At first I thought, "Only 60 dolls." But then I realized that most of those are FR and that makes your collection that much more special. (Most of mine are Barbies.) I love how your rooms are shaping up and quite naturally, I LOVE the sewing room! It is in such contrast to the guys' room which I also like. I love all of those posters too!.

    1. Hi April, unfortunately I don't have much room to dedicate to dolls, and I like to keep the collection under a certain number, so I'm sure to have time to play with all of them!
      The sewing room was overdue, I've had the sewing machine for ages!
      If I had the room I would like to set up a real games room for the guys, with a pool and a pinball machine....but they have to settle with chess, and that's it!

  5. Billa you rock!! I lovè your answers and inspiration. Your travels are awesome. Your diosvare so expressive especially your professional staff. Thanks for answering my questions and the great read.

    1. Thank you Brenova, you're welcome! I'm a huge fan of Dowton Abbey so I'm sure I'm not finished with the staff.....I've got to find a cook and maibe another butler....LOL

  6. As I got to the game room photo, I thought, 'That is a nice photo.' Then I read under and saw you want to change it out. How funny. New guy, new maid. Nice additions.

    1. Hi Jaye, I'm not going to change it a lot....just finding a couple of pictures for the walls! LOL

  7. The chess players... their expressions... I love it I love it I love it.

    1. :-)
      Thank you Smaller Places, they look so intent at their game!

  8. It was really nice to read you answers! Geremia looks perfect as the new butler. The rooms look great and I love how you pose them to look so realistic. :)

    1. Hi Farrah, the great thing about action figures is how poseable they are!

  9. Hello from Spain: Congratulations on the award. I like your answers. Your collection is fabulous. I really like your photos. Keep in touch

    1. thank you Marta, my dioramas aren't even nearly as good as yours!