Nicola: Mad About the boy 3

Nicola is an adverturous guy, he's a journalist and a writer and he likes to live in style. So I choose for him one of the most stylish of the European capitals: Berlin.
And he's going to stay in a delux room in the Hotel Hadlon Kempinski, it seems all this gold suits him fine!
About this doll: Lady Thriller Pierre De Vries. As usual in oder to reduce the expenses I bought this doll nude. I think it is the only Pierre Doll which doesn't suffer from hands and feet discolouring, one more reason to be very happy with him. This is an older Homme model, so he doesn't have removable hands, but it is a minor fault, as this guy is perfection!

I love his adult looks, and he looks like a guy who can see the funny side of life.

It took me a while to learn how to photograph him, but now I'm very pleased with the results.

He  is Too Darn Hot!

Of course I could not omit the hommage to Sasha's football club....

Ella Fitzgerald: Too Darn Hot!

See you soon



  1. Another handsome guy parading around in his underwear, I see!!! Gorgeous hotel!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like your guy. He is very trendy. Great Hotel. Fabulous pics. Keep in touch

  3. Hi, great to read you again! Wow, a great hotel, this is one lucky boy :-). I have a different user name now, but it's still me (Nymphaea). I'm terribly sorry for the unfollowing before, I deleted my sites for all sorts of reasons, and with that my following status was gone too. I really look forward to your pics of your journeys! A hug, L.

    1. Hi Night Owl (Nymphaea)! I'm happy to be back even though I'm really on and off right now...anyway I'll do my best to do some posting soon. I hope everything is fine with your new home!
      See you soon. Kisses Billa

  4. You photographed him quite well. I love the picture of him in the bed.

    1. Thanks a lot Vanessa, he's so pale, he's not very easy to capture on camera....