A satin working outfit for Giovanna

It was time for a new "original" design, and for Giovanna to come back as model with an article on her own, she's such a gorgeous lady, and also my "Cover Girl"!
I've made for her this working/shopping outfit in old-rose satin, with underskirt and matching purse.
It has big collar and a tie, with a high waistline. The fabric is satin, while the purse is made of linen and satin.
I tried to come up with something legant and comfortable.

shoes by Paul Zang-by
She looks very easy in it, I think she loves it.....

Ok Giovanna, what about a couple of shots with Nasty?

Uhmmm, not quite sure about this
Come on girl, don't be a  chicken....

Something is going terribly wrong.....
What the heck?!?!!?!?

.....terribly wrong!!!!!!!
Sorry Giovanna, he's incorrigible

Oh, Nasty.....
Ok Nasty, next time you want a closeup, try to bark first.....

sooooo cute.......
Nasty will never learn!

See you soon


  1. Hi Billa, this is a beautiful dress, the colour is perfect for Giovanna. I love the design of the sleeve cuffs and the tie, LOVELY!!! Nasty knows very well how to give the "evil eye" doesn't he (on the last picture), hahaha! A hug!

    1. Hi Hymphaea, satin is not at all easy, but I was really satisfied with this dress, and I have a weakness for Giovanna....and yes Nasty is "pure evil"!!!!! LOL

  2. Hello from Spain: Giovanna is very pretty, the outfit is very cool. Great dress. The bag is fabulous. Nice pictures. The dog is very cute. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta, thanks for your nice comments, Nasty is so happy....he wants to be the star over here!!!!
      We're having a ego problem between him and Cecilia..........

  3. Hi Billa, Wow, you've been really busy!!! Very pretty dress. The fabric and the color really compliment Odette. I also love her accessories. Your background props are always very well done! By the way.. I too, have not been successful at joining your blog.

    1. Hi FDS, in fact I had some dresses ready and I just have to take the pictures.....The background props are just my "oriental corner" just things I gathered around the world and put on display on a shelf, I'm always thinking about rearranging them, but didn't have the time yet....
      this thing about the button which is not working is very annoying, as Nymphaea kindly posted elsewhere, you can try copy and paste the address to your reading list, I hope google will read my ticket and fix this thing, I checked it and it looks like it should work, but it doesnt...grrrrrr