travelling dolly 2 - Camilla: Around the snow in a day!

Let's get started with the  Christmas festivities, the girls now have their Christmas Tree, and I've just finished a new winter dress for FR2. It's pique cotton with faux mink details. And odd  combination you might say, but pique cotton has the right mix of rigidity and smoothness to look right in a miniature dress.

I made this dress for a photo contest,  my inspiration was my mother's wedding dress (she married in January). I'm so proud with the result that I've decided to let Camilla have some fun around the globe with her new outfit.

So here's Camilla in "around the snow in a day!"

Switzerland- Sankt Moritz: Picture by Sasha - Boots by Mattel - Christmas Tree: Swarovski
Switzerland - Sankt Moritz: Picture by Sasha
USA -  Tioga Pass: Picture by Billa
Italy - Alagna: Picture by Sasha
Canada - Columbia Icefield: Picture by Sasha
After all this running around Camilla enjoys some well deserved relax and hot chocolate!!!

Austria - Carinzia: Stock Picture
See you soon with some more Christmas goodies!!!


  1. These are just wonderful ,Terri

    1. Thank you very much Terri, I like doing photomontage, and is cheaper than dioramas!!!