Flapper Girl Giulia!

The 20's and early 30's are a period I really love, I adore the late silents, the early talkies and those great pre-code movies. Stars like Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson, are absolute icons to me. Elegant and lively.

The first time I saw a picture of Trixie Speed Rider Model Muse I thought she looked a bit like Louise Brooks, probably the raven bob hair, possibly her eyes. She had these wide sparkling brown eyes. I simply had to have her! Since then I've been thinking to make a flapper dress for her, but in spite of the great amount of pictures I found on the web couldn't make up my mind and choose one.

Until I saw this.

This wonderful fashion is in Tonner Deja Vu Roaring 20's collection, it is called "dancing the night away" and is simply amazing. Anyway,  I mixed it with this original design of the era, I really didn't like the idea of a belt on a flapper dress as the whole idea of flapper fashions was to avoid to emphasize the waistline:

I used  two different satin linings for the dress and the exterior of the coat (I applied it on velvet to get the right thickness) and of course faux fur. I also added some touches of gold and a neck chain. The golden shoes are by Mattel  (Barbie Basics Collection 002.5) and are perfect!!!

Well, I was right, Giulia IS a flapper girl! 

a true diva

I also made some B/W closeups, I tried to obtain a sharp contrast to reproduce that wonderful old Hollywood B/W. By the way this doll is really beautiful.

here she's sweet

and here she's spicy!!!
Maybe one day I shall find a doll who looks like Clara Bow!!!!

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