Express post: World Doll Day Tag

I've been tagget by Farrah to this nice initiative of the World Doll Day Tag, I'm a little bit late perhaps, but I willingly oblige!
Here are the rules:
1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing! (Anyone with a home on the web, not just bloggers, can be tagged!)

And here are my lists:

Favorite dolls from last year:

1. Goffredo - Declan Wade Gloss Convention 2014

2. Sebastiano - Callum Windsor Gloss Convention 2014

3. Ofelia - Full Spectrum Veronique

I actually don't have a wishlist right now, but I can name three grails I don't expect to get anytime soon:

1. Lady in Red Erin from the Tropicalia Convention

2. Rock Ringmaster Lukas

and above all 3. Leading Man Lukas

Now, I really believe it's quite late for the World Doll Day, but, as this is real fun I want to invite some fellow bloggers, if they want to join the (late) celebration!
1. April
3. D7ana
4. Dani
5. Lisa

Kisses Billa


  1. What fun! Leading Man Lukas looks like a playboy- lol!

    1. Well he's not going to join the crew anytime soon. Last time I saw one it sold for 600 USD !!!! Not for my pocket....but he's a handsome doll indeed!
      in the meantime: "Fashion figures " are on their way home:-)

  2. When was World Doll Day? That Erin and Leading Man Lukas were two that I really liked when they came out. Goodness I can't even remember 2014 or any of the dolls I bought. Let me see what I can come up with.

    1. Hi Vanessa DWD was the 14th of june,i'm going to add a link to the whole story, it is mostly dedicated to baby dolls, but we can't miss a party, do we?
      For me the hardest part was finding the dolls in the wish list! With all the dolls I've recenttly bought I don't happen to have any! lol
      I'd love to se your picks!

  3. Sebastiano is dreamy...I love his whole room set up with the guitar. I love all of the guys, both that you have and the ones on your wish list! Ofelia is beautiful as well and I love her face. Lovely photos of your dolls. :)

    1. go figuring, they just out up leading man for sale in ebay as soon ad I posted this. Trying hard to resist, I have to save my money for my next trip!

  4. Ok, why does Sebastian remind of retro Prince. How come Goffredo is darn handsome? You have some handsome fellas in your collection and I am not mad about. Your wish list is excellent too.

    1. Thanks Brini! Let me see, maybe Sebastiano's hair and jaw line are a bit like Prince. It took a lot of hard work to fix Goffredo's looks, I'm so proud of him!
      The handsome fellas are my latest obsession, I had to throw in some girls this year, to keep the balance.

  5. Yikes, I'm slow! Glad to see this post of dreamy dudes. Some of my ladies are sighing over Goffredo - Declan Wade and Sebastiano - Callum Windsor. They are beautiful men ;-)

    I wish you luck getting your Grail dolls. I have the fabulous Rock Ringmaster Lukas. He is my only FR / NuFace male. I should give him more photo time.

    Awww ... thanks for tagging me. I accept the challenge ;-)

    1. I'd love to see some pictures of rock ringmaster Lukas!
      Well it's just a little game.... it aloe ed me to realize I already bought too many dolls!

  6. Goffredo is amazing. I'm not familiar with all of his incarnations; I was looking to see which ones exist and yours came up... I was crushed when I saw that it wasn't how he came originally, he's absolutely perfect.