Classic Hollywood: Miss Sadie Thompson

Hollywood really loved W. Somerset Maugham's  short story "Miss Thompson" (later retitled "Rain").
It was famously played by Gloria Swanson in the 1929 silent movie

And by Rita Hayworth in 1953

But my favourite version is the 1932 pre-code talkie, starring Joan Crawford. Comparing Swanson's outfit with Crawford's you can see what the great depression did even to glamorous stars!

It is a "torrid (rainy) melodrama" set in the South Seas. Miss Sadie Thompson is an "easy living girl" who is escaping from San Francisco to Samoa and is forced to stop at Pago Pago with her fellow passengers, among wich is notably a righteous preacher.......interesting developements ensues....
As this movie is in the public domain I won't tell you anything more. I rather post the link where you can enjoy it for yourself: Rain (1932)

I like the movie and I like Crawford style and dress. Costanza agreed to model it, she's such a classy and versatile girl!

                                                   I made the dress, hat and bracelets.

  Earrings are IT  (Hot Property Natalia)

Shoes are by PaulZanby. 

Gloves and purse are Poppy Parker's.

I'm pretty happy with this dress, maybe Costanza shall pop up in some future story dressed as Sadie!


  1. Thanks for that link! I quite enjoyed the movie and your outfit is stunning.

    1. Hi Muff, I'm glad you liked the movie, there's something special about these pre-code Hollywood movies!
      Sewing 30's fashions is one of my guilty pleasures....:-D

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  3. Oh I really, really love the outfit you created for Costanza. The gingham is perfectly scaled and the dress on the doll, looks a lot better than the Depression fashions worn by those iconic movie stars. I love all of her accessories as well, in particular the chain bracelets! Big hugs. April.

    1. Thank you April! this is a piece of fabric I bought because a wanted to prepare a table cloth for the girl's kitchen....then I realized it was perfect for this fashion....
      I'm usually very lazy with accessories, but these bracelets are very simple and super fast!
      Kisses Billa

  4. Terrific! She successfully makes gingham anything but demure.

  5. Hello from Spain: I really like her style. Nice dress. Fabulous furniture. Keep in touch