Happy New Year Norma - a photostory

Tecla invited Enrico to her New Years Eve party. He was dubious but I convinced him: I sew  him  a tuxedo with tails, so he obliged.....

It looks like there are no other guests.

Enrico: It looks like I'm a bit early. When are the other guests supposed to arrive?
Tecla: Which other guests?

Enrico: It's going to be a very long evening, I better get drunk soon!

Tecla: Da'aling, how would you like to dance?

Enrico: Uh, dance?!?!? OMG

Tecla: you dance awfully!
Enrico: I know......

Tecla: I think we better rest a bit

Enrico: Finally!

Tecla: We're having such a great time, aren't we?
Enrico: I hope you have a huge provision of martinis

Enrico: Well, it's 10 pm and Tecla just passed away....Happy New year!!!!!

Story: courtesy of Billy Wilder & Charles Brackett

Enrico is going to sneak off and drop at Odette&Carlo's place...coming next!

the fashions are of course inspired by Edit Head's Sunset Boulevard costumes

And if you want to try your hand at a tuxedo jacket, here's the pattern!

Happy new year !!!!! 


  1. Hello :)
    I wanna wish You a happy new year! Thank You for Your visit and comment on my blog!
    PS: I love Your Boys too! They're gorgeous :) !!!!
    Have fun ;)

    1. Hi Eibhlin thanks for visiting! Happy new year to you too!

  2. Hello from Spain: nice pics. Romantic couple. Great outfits. Happy New Year. Keep in touch

  3. LOL!!!!! Love the story line. (Too bad for Teckla. Hope he finds another party before the end of the night.) My dear, you are way ahead of me with the tuxedo!!!! And it looks great!!! My New Year's resolution: make more dress clothes for my boys!!!! Happy New Year, Billa.

    1. Hi April, I take no credit for the storyline, all the credit goes to the wonderful Mr Wilder&Brackett! Tecla has got the misfortune of being a dead ringer for Gloria Swanson, poor thing.....
      I'm completely into men clothes, this tuxedo is not as perfect as I wished, but it looks good, and that's the trick, you know.....
      now I look forward for your uber-fashionable clothes for the guys!
      Happy New Year April!

  4. Great story, love it! Enrico's look on his face is just perfect for these scenes :-)! And the tuxedo... I'm in awe! You're a real men's outfits wizard, it looks absolutely stunning! Wishing you a very happy, healthy and creative 2015 Billa, and I think your blog is super!!! Big hugs xxx

    1. Hi Night Owl, thank you so much. I have a lot of fun with this blog and sharing with all the wonderful people in this community!
      A very happy new year to you too!
      Kisses Billa