A kaftan for Cecilia

I've bought this lovely scarf some time ago in my favourite fabric shop, it was on a sale, I immediately thought its pattern had a summer/safari feel and I grabbed it. I've been thinking about what to make of it when our friend Pabboo at the Dollobserver forum came up with this contest about making a dress out of a scarf, and "BANG", I knew that the first dress I should have made shall be a Kaftan for Cecilia!!!

Here's Cecilia wrapped in the scarf just to show you what beautiful colours and patterns it has:

and here's the pattern of the Kaftan I used to design mine:

Cecilia looks almost happy with it (I said almost).....

I also made her a necklace and a matching handbag, she looks ready for a stroll along the seaside. Luckily enough "Roman Holiday" Barbie's sandals fits (more or less) FR2 feet, so she also has the right shoes!

Thanks again Pabboo for this great idea!

See you soon


  1. Hello from Spain: Cecilia is very glamorous. I really like the fabric. Nice pictures. The necklace is fabulous. Your sew very well. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta, I love this scarf, I bought another one and I'm working on "urban safari" outfits for the guys.....and yes Cecilia is very glamorous, even thought she's got quite a temper! She always demands new dresses and is very upset because I'm not working just for her. I knew she would be difficult when I bought her. LOL

  2. Nice to meet your blog! great clothes you made and nice photos you take!
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    1. Hi Emma! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. I'm going to check yours!